Friday, March 06, 2009

Baby Proof the Baby Clothes

One would think that these companies who make baby clothes, could baby proof them a bit better. A little clasp that buttons over a zipper on a footie can barely be counted as "baby proofed", because my baby has figured out how to slip her finger up under the clasp and unzip the footie. From there, she proceeds to remove her diaper and somehow or another it ends up around her left ankle in the leg of the footie.
At first, this was cute, but now it is becoming a bit of a pain. "Just put a onsie on her.", you say. Nope, doesn't work either. She has also figured out how to unbutton her onsie, slip it over her head, and remove her diaper. This ALWAYS results in a mess. A mess that I am so tired of cleaning. If I wanted to scoop poop, and wipe up pee all day long...I'd go work at a zoo. Perhaps I do work at zoo. Bree very much resembles a monkey.

Nevertheless, I think that I'll write "Carters" and "OshKosh" a letter requesting that they put more thought into their clothing. They should know that once a child is nearing age two, when they're already starting that bratty stage, and when they're getting into EVERYTHING that they're not supposed to be getting into, their clothes need to be just as baby proofed as the electrical outlets, toilet seats, and kitchen cabinets are!

Maybe I'll just put her in a straight jacket. Let's see her get out of that one!


Sara said...

i added you to my blog list!! bree is so stinkin' gorgeous :)

Samantha said...

Yay! Thanks, we'll hafta have play dates when your little one arrives =)