Thursday, March 19, 2009


I don't have anything interesting really going on in my life right now. It's sad, I know. Today's post will be random. So random that you may have to read this twice to even begin to understand how my mind works...

Today on my way home from my Grandmother's house, I was sitting in traffic. It was around three o'clock in the afternoon, and everyone around me, in their cars', were yawning. The girl behind me in the Toyota 4 Runner was yawning. The guy beside me in the Toyota Yaris was yawning. The old lady in the Buick was yawning, and then here I am in my Honda Civic...yawning. Yawning must really be contagious.

We ordered a coffee table, and two side tables a month ago. The company told us that it could be 3 to 4 weeks before it will be available for pick up. Yesterday, when four weeks had passed and no phone call saying that we could pick up our furniture...Paul called them. Evidently, we're on back order, and it'll be another month before our furniture will be here. That's two freakin' months without a coffee table! I'm using my dining room chairs as end tables, and I have nothing to prop my feet up on! When Paul asked the lady if this happens often, she replied with "No, this is the first time it's ever happeed." Well, of coarse it is!! I ordered it, and crap like this ALWAYS happens to me.

I ordered a pair of Boyfriend capris from American Eagle the other day. I got them yesterday. They're HUGE. It says they are a size 6, but I think that I could definitely wear 2 sizes smaller. Maybe it's the cut of the jean, but I'm definitely taking them back and getting a smaller size. I don't like the fact that I have to pull them up past my belly button for them to fit right. Weird.

I think that's all of the randomness I can manage at the moment. That'll hafta do for today's post =)


Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Oh My favorite store! What is it with them? I have the same problem. One 6 fits and another fits like a 12....Oh that peeves me off! Especially ordering online.

Samantha said...

I have been shopping AE since I was in the 8th grade, but their jeans is something I don't understand. I have a pair of boot cut jeans that fit too small, I have two pairs of flairs that fit just fine, and now these capris...they're HUGE! I'm hoping they'll let me switch 'em out at the store, because I don't have the receipt =( It made me rather upset too.