Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wal Mart was fresh out of bananas when we went grocery shopping on Monday. When I say fresh out of bananas, I mean fresh out of bananas. The whole entire banana stand was EMPTY! In a sense, it was kind of creepy. Nevertheless, that meant Bree would have nothing to eat for breakfast this week. I decided I'd start giving her some cereal. I eat Kashi cereal, because of all of the fiber in it. It's delicious and keeps me regular!

Ever since I started sharing with Bree, she has been taking massive poops! I am talking poops that smell up a room before it all gets settled into her diaper. Poops that you have to spray the whole house throughout with Oust Spray. Poops that you have to take out into the middle of nowhere and drop off because the smell is too horrible to place anywhere near the house, whether it be in the garbage can or not.

I hope that Wal Mart has plenty of bananas when comes time for groceries this week, because I'm not sure that I can handle any more of these poopy diapers! Kashi and Bree do not go together!

On a completely different note, my Mom called me today to tell me that my poor, 15 year old pekingese who has gone blind, fell into the pool today. This happens after I told them last week that they could not let Mercy (the dog) be outside without supervision anymore, because she will fall into the pool. Mom and Dad's neighbor heard Mercy barking, and could tell that it was a different bark. She went in their back yard and found that Mercy had fallen into the pool. Thank God for her, because I'm not sure our family could have handled another death. We've had Mercy for about 11 years now, and she's more or less a part of the family. We know her death isn't too far away, but death by drowning is not how you want your pet to die. Bless her.


Mother Mayhem said...

I was contemplating Kashi just yesterday. I'm SO glad I didn't get any! ROFL

Glad Mercy is okay. :o)

Samantha said...

I absolutely LOVE Kashi...but I don't think little babies need that much

& I'm glad Mercy is okay too =)