Sunday, May 31, 2009

Samantha has a gun...

I've remained sick all weekend long. We've spent every evening at home, and I have had a loaded potato soup from Fatz for supper every night this weekend. I think if I cough one more time, my head is going to split wide open. It's aggravating. I did, however, manage to shoot my first gun this weekend.

Yesterday we went up to Paul's Dad's house to get the oil changed in our cars (we hadn't changed them since December), and Paul decided that he wanted to teach me how to shoot a gun. I'm not like against guns or anything, but I don't like them either. They scare me, and not because they kill people, but because more accidents happens with guns than the on purpose stuff. Nevertheless, I had my specifications of what I wanted to shoot. I wanted to shoot a 22, because I knew my Dad had one, and I knew it was easy to handle. I wish that I had stuck a couple of ear plugs in my ears, because I still can't hear right. I didn't hit the target once, but I at least know that I can, in fact, shoot a gun. I think Paul was kind of turned on by the fact that his woman was holding and aiming a gun. Although, he did make fun of me. The first time I shot the gun, I was leaned back like I was doing the limbo or something. After I saw the picture of how ridiculous I looked, I definitely fixed my posture.
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I wish I had felt better. I probably would have shot more, and actually enjoyed it. Oh well, maybe when I'm not coughing up a lung and working at keeping snot from pouring out of my nose. How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was more eventful than mine.