Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Since I've Been Gone...

Sunday Morning Boredom
This is how Bree copes with boredom...

The Hair: Sunday/Monday
We've had Mercy now for a little over 10 years. She is a Pekingese, and if you have ever seen what a Pekingese's coat looks like...it's thick and heavy. Well, I had promised my Mom that I would cut Mercy's hair this weekend as well as Rainey (my dog whom I left my Parent's house after I got married, because my Dad was so attached to him). Anyway, Sunday afternoon, after dinner, I began to cut Mercy's hair. It took me 2 hours to get her shaved! You wouldn't believe the hair that was left afterwards. I could have insulated a whole house with the leftovers.

Coupons, Crooked Boss & Raggedy Anne
Monday I went grocery shopping and would have saved about 10 dollars on my grocery bill, with a whole lot more food than we usually get, had I not been a complete and utter idiot and spent 8 dollars on 3 boxes of Golden Grahams. Here's what happened: Bloom had their General Mills cereal, but one get one free. I had a coupon for a dollar off when I buy three General Mills Cereal boxes. I picked up 3 boxes of cereal, and headed to the register. I didn't have my "Breeze" card on me, and therefore, instead of getting all 3 boxes for 3 dollars, I spent 8. I beat myself up over that for hours. I was so mad at myself.

Paul called me at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon to tell me that he could start working his 5 days again, BUT he wouldn't get paid for the fifth day. Well, that sucks because not only is he working but not getting paid, but now he can't work his side jobs where he was making up for the money lost. We went over to his Dad's house last night to get help on updating his resume. His Dad is great with words, and definitely transformed Paul's Resume into something professional and...beautiful if I do say so myself.

Before we left, Bree found her Great Aunt's old Raggedy Anne Doll. Paul's Dad said that Bree could keep it, but when I got it home...I realized that Raggedy Anne's clothes were stinky, dirty, and possibly stained yellow with smoke. I need to clean both the doll and her clothes, but I don't want to ruin her anymore that she already is. I took of the doll's clothes today, filled up the bathroom sink with cold water and soap, and let it soak. But how do I clean the doll, and get the smell out of it? If you have any ideas...please let me know. Bree loves this doll, so I want it to be clean for her.

So...that's what went on this weekend for me. I live a busy life on the weekends as you can tell. How was your weekend?


Mother Mayhem said...

Weekend was great, but went by WAY too fast! :o)

Mercy looks great. Maybe I should let you cut my hair? TeeHee.

Cleaning Raggedy? Hm... How about tying her up in a pillowcase and putting her in the gentle cycle of the washer/dryer?

I would say just Febreeze her, but that wouldn't get rid of the "dirt".

I'm so helpful. ;o)

Samantha said...

I'm glad your weekend was great, but mine went by too quickly too!

I had never cut Mercy's hair before, so I was proud of my work =)

I did read about putting her in a pillow case and putting her on the gentle cycle in the washer, but I"m just a little nervous about that for some reason. My Mom told me to febreeze her, but like you said...it'd make her smell better, just not look cleaner.

I did wash her clothes...I just gotta figure out how to clean her....hmmm

Mother Mayhem said...

Wonder if Annie could be dry cleaned?

Samantha said...

Hmmm...not sure...I'll look into that.