Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Crappy Week

I haven't been able to say much or blog much these past couple of days, because I knew that the only thing I would be able to write about is how crappy my week has been. I didn't want to get on here, and fill your ears with complaints and tons of whining. Yes, I am considerate. Yesterday the crappiness of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday all climaxed and I lost it, in my car, with my daughter in the backseat, in a parking spot, in front of my OBGYN. I'm sure I'm not the first woman who has ever bawled their eye balls out in front of their OBGYN office, but it had nothing to do with babies or health issues. It was the crashing down of everything that had gone wrong over the past four days! I called the hubby. He could barely understand a word I was saying, and I scared him to death. He didn't know what was wrong with me, but he thought he was going to have to leave work to come pick me up. You may be wondering why I didn't just have my breakdown at home in the privacy of my own four walls. Well, for one, you never choose when you are going to have a breakdown, and two...a mini-fight with the hubby, a sudden down pour of rain galore, traffic coming to a dead stop on the interstate, and flooded exit ramp provoked it all to that point.

I have never seen rain come down that hard and that suddenly. I have driven in pretty ridiculous rain before, but this was unbelievable. I couldn't see a thing. I was on the interstate which I hate driving on anyway, and suddenly traffic comes to a complete stop. I never figured out if there was a wreck or if everyone else was just like me...they couldn't see a thing. No one would believe me when I told them how bad it is, because they weren't there.Image and video hosting by TinyPicThey didn't see it, and I myself had never seen rain come down so hard. I finally got to my exit ramp, and began creeping up it toward Laurens Road. I still couldn't see anything, and I was going a mere 15 miles per hour. Suddenly my car hit a wall of water. No lie. I thought I had just driven into a lake or something. I drive a little 2 door Honda Civic. It is NOT an all terrain vehicle, therefore, it did not take this flash flooding well. That went ahead and put the candle on the stick for me. I didn't know if I was going to make it off of the exit ramp, and there were these big SUVS racing up behind me, because to was like stomping in a puddle. Once I got off the exit and on the road, middle lane and right lanes were completely flooded, so I hydro planed all the way to my next turn. As soon as I got in front my doctor's office, I looked at Bree and said, "I don't know what else to do but cry." And that's what I did. I cried so hard, all of my make up washed away and I had to strip the clothes off of one of Bree's baby doll's to dry my face. I still had to go into the doctor's office, and what were they going to think happened to me? It was clearly evident that I had been bawling my bloody eye balls out. Once I called Paul, he got me to calm down, and I was able to stop crying. This may sound silly to most of you, but when I was 18 years old, I got hit by a Ford F 150 going 60 miles per hour. He hit me in the back and pushed me into 6 other cars. I was in another little Honda Civic of mine. So, when I get into tense traffic, I tend to get panicky, and this had been the worst driving conditions I had ever been in.

Another thing I am pretty upset about is that my husband is at the lake today with his fellow co-workers. Most of them are women, and I wasn't allowed to go. I don't like it all, and I don't feel comfortable with it since everyone will be drinking too. I am just trying not to think about where he is, and praying to God he is behaving himself & that the women are behaving themselves too. Hopefully they have enough respect for me to leave my hubby alone.

Anyway, that's why I haven't written much this week. I didn't want to fill your ears (or eyes rather) with complaining. Believe would have been ALOT of complaining. I hope you all have had a better week than I have. We're moving Saturday. I guess that's been another stress on top of everything else too. Vacation is only 2 weeks away. I think I can, I think I can...


MrsM said...

Sorry you've had such a hard week! I hate traffic too. I hope it gets better soon =)

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