Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ummm...RSVP Maybe?

"Répondez s'il vous plaît", a French phrase that translates to "please respond" or "respond if you'd please" and word for word means "respond if it pleases you"[1].
It is with this meaning that invitation cards and similar documents are often marked with "RSVP." It is proper etiquette to reply to an RSVP request whether confirming attendance or declining.
Bree will be two years old on September 5th. I, of course, am throwing her a party! Well, I sent out invitations last week and asked for people to R.S.V.P by this coming Saturday (the 29th). I need at least a week to get the rest of her party stuff together. It is now Thursday, and I haven't heard from anyone! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was coming at all. So, I just decided I'd call and ask the people who I invited, if they were coming or not. "Yes", they said. I'm not sure that anyone would have let me know if they were coming or not had I not asked. Maybe I was just supposed to assume that they were coming, but if working at Chick-Fil-A for six years taught me anything, it was "Assume nothing."

My Mom said that no one R.S.V.P's anymore, but if someone goes out of their way to write a date beside the R.S.V.P section of an invitation, I think you should R.S.V.P! I don't mind to sound mean, or angry, but I'm doing the food and everything for this party and I just need to know how many people I'm going to have. I don't want to have 10 people, and food for 40. I don't want to have food for 10 and 40 people show up. I still R.S.V.P, why don't you?

*sigh* I've already started stressing, and this party is only a week away. The hubs asked me why I do this to myself. Because I love it. I love seeing my baby girl have fun and be happy. I'll probably give her party's every year until she tells me to stop. Seriously. I had said that this year, I wouldn't have as big of a birthday party for her as I did last year (her one year), but sure enough...45 people made it on the guest list. I can't help it!

HEY! It's almost the weekend! Get excited. See you guys tomorrow & I won't be doing Lose the Fatty Friday anymore. Instead, I'm working on something else :) Surprise soon.


MrsM said...

I love surprises! And I love having birthday parties for the kidlets-though we just invite family and no where near 40+ of them. If the kids ever asked me to invite someone I would say yes though-since it's their party-so I guess it could get big someday. LoL>

Steve tingle said...

Hmm, Blake Tingle turned 2 August 12, and Colton Dhillon turned 2 tens days later, the 22nd....his mother is a born Tingle....and Bree turns 2 next month? Maybe some web savvy member younger than me know how to post photos of all three together....they should all be somewhere in Tingle.Family, I guess. Cousin Steve in Clinton.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I cannot agree with you more. I think not RSVPing is extremely rude when it is requested. And getting RSVPs is totally necessary when planning a party. I hope your party is a raging success!

Mother Mayhem said...

Hoping Bree has a blast! :o)

(The rule of thumb for us was always invite as many guests as the child is old.)

Samantha said...

Well, we have a huge family & most of the people I invited were family. That's scary isn't it?

& Steve we should try and get the three of them together for a picture :) There's all kinds of pictures of Bree on my Facebook. Do you have a Facebook? You should get one so we can keep up!

I do think that it's rude to not RSVP, and as my definition said, it is proper etiquette to reply to an RSVP whether you are accepting or declining. I hope Bree's party is a blast too! We only have one child coming and she's a bit younger than Bree. So that works. Not sure what I'll do when time comes for the birthday parties with a whole bunch of screaming kids. AGH!bb