Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Fall...(Part Two)

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Dear Fall,
You have finally showed up. I was beginning to get worried last week, when you brought nothing but rain and humidity to our little State. This morning I woke to a nice chill in the house, and the feeling of Fall coming through my window. That's how this time of year is supposed to be. I noticed on Sunday that the leaves were beginning to change colors, and while we watched football on Sunday afternoon...your sound, the sound of Fall was clear through the air. The geese are flying south, my hair is full of static, and the air looks lighter with the lack of humidity. All, sure signs of your arrival and your presence.

The random events that took my place in my life, all seem to come to life during this season. I can't help but think about the Fall Festivals we had in Elementary School. I smile as I remember how fun they were. I'm not sure why they were so fun, but I think it had something to do with my Parents coming with me. I loved showing them my school, my friends, and my teachers. I remember playing outside in the crunchy leaves with my brother, holidays, and so much more fun. I guess you have given me some pretty descent memories, Fall. Although, Summer does win out with the most and the best of memories. You do, however, include Thanksgiving and that is a pleasant time of the year.

All in all, I just wanted to thank you for accepting my request and arriving promptly. You are a little later than I would have wanted you to be, but at least you are finally here. Now, is there any way you could grant me with some money to go Fall shopping? That would be great



thatgirlblogs said...

after 100 degree days, it has finally dropped to the 70s today in california. I'll take it! Fall is my absolute favorite season.

Samantha said...

It's been about 85 for the past month, but we have really, really high humidity, so it's just sticky and feels like it's 100 degrees.

Mother Mayhem said...

Dear Samantha,

You know you're my favorite. Don't tell the others.



Theta Mom said...

Money for Fall shopping, that would be soooo nice! Here in NJ, the leaves are beginning to change color and the temps are in the
60's. Perfect Fall weather!

Becky said...

Fall hit here too, and it got down right chilly today!

Just the perfect excuse to go to Target:) Summer fits in nothing from last year!

Samantha said...

I went shopping today & came up with nothing! I find it gets harder to shop for clothes, the older I get. I'm short, so I can't just wear anything. So sad. It was a bit warm while Bree and I were out today, but it's cool again tonight.

I think I'm going shopping again tomorrow. I have on green shirt (long sleeved), and I have been having to wear it over and over again, because I am lacking in the clothes department.

Bless me :)