Friday, November 20, 2009

Excuses, excuses...

I am waaaaaaay behind on reading blogs, and catching up with you, my beautiful bloggy friends. I really am sorry, but I do have a good reason for being so lazy slack. You may not want to hear my excuses, but I'm going to tell you them anyway. This entire week I have been working on a Christmas layout for Apple Juice and Milk. I plan on changing everything on Thanksgiving, and I want it to be super cute! So far I think it is, and you may get a sneek peek next week sometime. My other reason is that somehow, our morning routine has changed. I am getting up earlier, working out, and then Bree and I have breakfast. You would think that getting up earlier would allow me more time to read all of my blogs, right? Well, not exactly. Bree eats her bananas, watches an episode of Go Diego, Go! and then she's ready for a bath. During her bath time, I try to speed clean her bedroom, and my bedroom and get laundry started all before she's bored with the tub. By the time Bree gets out of the bath, and has had her hair dried, the Hubs is home for lunch. I can't very well get on the computer while he's home for lunch, or he'll think that's all I do with my day. I generally try to look busy while he's home. When he leaves to go back to work, then it's time for Bree to eat lunch and then,'s nap time! I generally take advantage of nap time, and catch up on my blogs but the past two weeks I have had to do other things during that time.

So, there ya go. There is one big long excuse of why I haven't been up to date with everyone's blogs.

Back at the beginning part of the week, I did get a blog award! Yay! Go me! I have gotten this award before, but I had forgotten to post it over there on my award wall. Anyway, the Unexperienced Mom gave this to me, so thank you very, very much! It'll go nicely with the others! Now, like most awards, you have to pass it on to other bloggers. I've decided that I have so many favorite bloggers, that I am going to give this to everyone reading this blog. So, if you're reading this post right now, then go ahead and save that blogger award to your desktop and share it on your blog, because it's yours! Congratulations!
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On another note, I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday. It seems like November was a lot shorter this year, and normally I wouldn't mind. This year I care. My brother leaves for bootcamp on January 11th, so, you can imagine that I would appreciate it if these days would slow down a bit. I don't want him to join the Marines, but he's already been sworn in. So, there's no going back now. What do you get someone for Christmas who is leaving for the Military? I think the Hubs and I have decided on getting him and his girlfriend a gift certificate to a pretty high class restaurant & some movie tickets. Somewhat of a "goodbye" present for him so the he can spend it with his girl.

I have 2 photography sessions this weekend, both on Sunday, if the weather permits. It is supposed to be cold and rainy on Sunday. I hope not...I was hoping to treat myself to a new pair of shoes with that money and then put the rest back for Christmas. Yes, I know, I just bought new shoes. Turns out, not having a wide width size, makes a difference. The stupid shoes just waited until I had, had them for 3 weeks before they started KILLING and I mean KILLING my feet.

Anyway...I hope you all have a great weekend & I'll see you back here on Monday!

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Menopausal New Mom said...

Congratulations on receiving your award. I love that one, it's so pretty and feminine!

Have fun picking out your new shoes and good for you for treating yourself. I can relate to the sore feet thing though, I have duck feet! (ie wide!)

Beth P. said...

Ooooh. I'm hoping to do a winter/holiday-ish makeover around Thanksgiving time too. Probably the weekend after. I can't wait to see yours!

Congrats on the award and have fun spending your money, there's no harm in an extra pair of shoes ;-)

MrsM said...

Congrats on your award! I'm planning to do a blog revamp too...I'm addicted to redesigns LOL.

I know what you mean about not being able to keep up. I've been SWAMPED the last couple of weeks, and I've been lucky to get a post up let alone read anyone else's!