Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So...Change of Plans!

This has been a pretty crappy week...

until now...

Verizon got our internet hooked up sooner than the 4th of January, which I am thankful for because name is Samantha and I am a Facebook Addict. I haven't even really been able to check my Facebook on my phone either, because evidently Facebook was having issues with their FB Mobile. Now, I'm not talking about issues where FB Mobile just wasn't working; I am talking about FB mobile logging me on to some other random person's profile and giving me the ability to change their status, information, etc. This happened to me several times over the course of the last week or so, but I had the courtesy enough to just log off of that strange person's profile and get on my own. Evidently, whoever landed on my profile decided to have some fun. I woke up yesterday morning and realized that my status on Facebook had been changed, and it had not been changed by me. The context of the status update was humiliating and embarrassing, and something that I would never say or do, and I was so mad I cried. So, we hopped in the car & headed over to AT&T, because I had been having other internet issues on my phone, getting random texts from numbers I didn't know and after the Facebook incident, I was convinced that someone had hacked into my phone somehow. But, the Tech Guy convinced me that the Facebook issue was a separate ordeal and more than likely it was Facebook's problem. The rest of the internet issues were AT&T's and they were working on getting it all fixed.

I swear, we would have been better off living in the dark ages.

It does look like Facebook has fixed their mobile problems, because I haven't noticed anything wacky today...but I have never felt more violated than I did when I saw that my FB status had been hijacked. It was not a good feeling.

Anyway, I began reading this book that my Mom got me for Christmas. It's called, "12 Pick-Me-Ups for Stressed Out Moms". It is a self help book that is to teach me how to not be so irritable as a Mother & a Wife. I concluded earlier today that I definitely picked the wrong week to begin reading this book. I have had absolutely ZERO tolerance for anything this week (because it's that week if you know what I mean). I feel sorry for Bree & the Hubs, because I have been bitching kind of yelling at them. Well, not kinda, I have been yelling. But they should definitely put more effort into not pissing me off. I swear I was having chest pains today from the stress of those two.

I need a vacation.

Does anyone have any good parenting tips on how to train a 2 year old not to bring all of the crap toys that Santa brought her, into the middle of the living room floor? I am tempted to just pack it all back up and cart it off to Goodwill.



Brandy said...

yay for internet. find me on facebook if you want - brandy wyrick okey - I only facebook from my phone and it's hard for me to find people.

Working Mommy said...

Poor thing!! At least you have your internet now. Also, please do a review - or some type of post - on that book. It sounds like JUST the thing I need - even though I'm not into self-help...or ANY help for that matter. I'd like to hear your take!


...stay at home wifey said...

I agree with WM. I wanna hear about the book because that may be a good book for me to read and learn.