Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stressed & Depressed...

I've been stressed, and depressed. No, I'm not trying to make a rhyme here. I've been homesick. I haven't had this problem in two years. So, why now? Because the previous 2 years we lived less than 10 minutes from my Parents. Now, we live 45 minutes to an hour. That may not sound far to some of you, but when you're used to be down the street from someone, and then move so far away that you have to plan a visit...it's depressing. I'm lonely in this little town, and I haven't gotten to do much "Christmasy" stuff with my Parents or two brothers. Actually, we haven't done anything at all. I have already cried my "homesick" tears over it though, and am looking forward to Christmas Eve where we will get to spend the night at my Parent's house. I have seen my Parents on Christmas Eve in about 4 years, so I am pretty excited about this one.

I was pretty stressed yesterday. All I wanted to do was go do some Christmas shopping, and buy some groceries. Bree woke up in one of those, I'm-going-to-be-difficult-just-for-the-hell-of-it moods yesterday, but I got us out the door, and into the parking lot at Target. It was there in the middle of the Target parking lot, that I had a minor nervous break down. You see, Bree has this thing where she likes to take toys into the car with her when we leave the house. Most parents wouldn't allow this, but it's fine by me, because it keeps her quiet and entertained in the back seat. Nevertheless, when it's time to get out at the store or wherever we are, she wants to take the "toys" in with her. This is why I had my minor nervous breakdown. She clutched onto that damned baby doll, and was determined that she going to take it inside Target with us. I looked at her hard. She wasn't going down without a fight, and I didn't feel like fighting. I was having one of those days, where I wasn't in the mood for bullshit. I told her that if she didn't put the baby down, I would get back in the car, we would go back home and she would take a nap. "MINE!" she screamed back at me. If I had done to her what I felt like doing at that moment, I would probably be sitting in a jail cell somewhere right now. Instead, I got back in the car, turned on the ignition, and we left. We went back home. She went down for a nap. And I was so mad I could have cried.

The Hubs did take me back to Target last night, and that made me happy. Bree was still being difficult, but it wasn't just me having to deal with her. We got nearly all of Bree's stocking stuffers at The Dollar Spot in Target, which made me super happy! Oh how I love Target. If I could marry it, I would!

I feel a little less stressed, and little less depressed today. Because we got something accomplished last night, something I had been trying to accomplish since Saturday, I feel better. I ended up getting my 83 year old Grandmother one of those "Bulb Kits" It looks like it will be a beautiful flower, and it's in a beautiful little vase. I had thought I would buy her a sweater, but then decided to take my own advice from here and not buy her any clothes. We went down the pajama route with her last year, and it didn't quiet work out. If digital frames weren't so expensive, I would have definitely done that, but honestly, the woman has so many pictures in her house...she is going to one day be over run. She does, however, love plants and pretty things like that. Target had their Amaryllis Bulb Kits on sale for 7 dollars. I hope she likes it. It'll give her something to do, and something to take care of.

How was your weekend? Do you have your Christmas shopping done?

Only 10 more sleeps until Christmas! Holy Crap!!



Theta Mom said...

I am over an hour from my parents and it sucks. It takes a lot of advanced planning when we visit and most of the time we sleep over. I can only imagine how much harder it is for you, since you used to live near them...

Brandy said...

it so stresses me out when Grayson is "in a mood" and I know there is nothing I can do but power through it.

sounds like a great gift for your grandma! have a great time at home with your fam

Chell said...

I am now 2 hours away from my mom... and I love her, but this is a good thing now. I used to live only a mile from her when I was younger and it was great... but wouldn't be now.

I can not believe Christmas is around the corner... I still have one or two gifts to purchase... UGH!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

That sucks! My parents do live close, but we've been so busy this year that we've still not been able to do holiday stuff.

And I had a day like that yesterday. Tried to make gingerbread cookies unsuccessfully and the Christmas cards I ordered were screwed up. It ended with me on the couch with a glass of wine!

Hang in there...


Becky said...

10 sleeps till Christmas....Wha..huh?!?!


(one day at a time kiddo:)

our b life said...

Grandmas love anything we get them. Maybe some "Jingle Bell ROCK" will cheer you up. Dancing and singing with my kiddos is a great mood enhancer.