Thursday, December 17, 2009

Try This! Thursday - Candy Stick Vase

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is a week from today! Where did December go? Better yet where did 2009 go? Nevertheless, I have found the perfect craft for you and your child to make together! You can use it as a beautiful center piece for your Holiday table, or simply give it to a special someone on your Christmas list. Either way, it is a super cute craft and I think I may even make it myself! Remember, I am not a very crafty person! So, Try This!!!

Candy Stick Vase

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What You Will Need
- Aluminum can
- Candy
- Double-sided foam mounting tape
- Ribbon
- Plastic cup

- To make one, first snugly wrap 3 or 4 rings of double-sided foam mounting tape around a clean, dry, and labelless aluminum can (ours was 15 ounces).
- Peel off the tape's protective covering to expose its second sticky side.
- One at a time, attach colorful individually wrapped candy sticks (available at candy shops; we used 26) to the tape, setting them as close together as possible and pressing them firmly in place.
- For a festive finish, tie a ribbon around the container. To use the vase for fresh flowers or plants, set a plastic cup inside the can as a liner before adding water.

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7 days until Santa comes to town! Holy Crap!



Theta Mom said...

Very cute!!!

Working Mommy said...

Holy crap is correct!! This year has FLOWN by! Cute craft will go into my bank for the future - I don't think a 5 month old can do this one! LOL!


Shandal said...

That's a really cool craft idea!

Beth P. said...

That is SO CUTE! I love this. Thank you for sharing, thats adorable.