Thursday, December 24, 2009

Try This! Thursday - The Christmas Eve Edition

I can hardly believe that is already Christmas Eve. Tonight, our kids will be waiting impatiently for Santa to come down the chimney, and we will be resisting the temptation to eat the cookies laid out for Santa. Tonight, we will be continuing traditions that we have been practicing through out the years and hoping that our Children will take them with them when they grow older and have families of their own.
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For this edition of Try This! Thursday I thought it would be fun if you shared some of your favorite Christmas traditions. You can send them to me personally, or leave them in the comments section for everyone to read! So, go ahead, Try This! Share with us your favorite Christmas Traditions.



Beth P. said...

Every Christmas eve we get together with my step-father's children and exchange gifts with them, have some food, and then play board games until we can no longer stay awake. I LOVE this because we don't see them too often and it is always a blast!

Merry Christmas!!

MrsM said...

We have struck out on our own for Christmas traditions (since our families are "non traditional") and we've so far decided to make all of our own tree ornaments as a family, watch Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve (it's our favorite!), open PJs on Christmas Eve, and eat orange rolls on Christmas morning after presents!

It's been a lot of fun so far =)

Chell said...
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Chell said...

We actually have certain days that we celebrate Christmas with parts of our large family.... sometimes it gets pretty crazy. So crazy that "Santa gets confused" every year and we open presents here at the house on odd days - at odd times.... Total Randomness. LOL

Hope you all have a great Christmas!