Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear E...

If are new to my blog, click here and here to read about my Brother's decision to join the Marines, his departure to Boot Camp.

On Friday afternoon, we got my brother's first letter from Boot Camp. Although it was something already typed up by someone else, it was still nice to see his handwriting in the header and footer of the letter. He still has his sense of humor, which is nice, as he headed the letter to my Parents, Dear Ma & Pa,. We of course do not call my Parents "Ma" & "Pa", but E does from time to time just to be funny.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to begin sharing with you the letters that we exchange back and forth. So, here is my first letter to him:

Dear E,
I am so glad to finally get to write you!! How are you?! I hope you are doing well, or as well as you can be. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you or pray for you.

Honestly, life has been pretty boring these last couple of weeks. Mama hasn't backed into any cars, John hasn't taken off in any mini vans (that we know of), Daddy is still Daddy, Mercy is still blind, Rainey still stinks, and Bree is still...well, crazy. Oh! Paul did get a guy in our apartment complex arrested for "public drunkenness". Good times.

We all miss you though, but we are all so very proud of you. Sam misses you a lot too. We have talked a good bit since you left. I love her! You did a great job picking her.

Anyway, I'm glad that I finally get to write you, and I can't wait to hear back from you. I want you to know that I love you, and I am so very proud of you. I can't wait to see you again. Sam and I are counting down! I love you!

Your Sister

P.S - Paul has been enjoying the XBOX since you've been gone. He's obsessed with the Batman game.

P.S.S- Bree sends you lots of hugs & snotty kisses. They are snotty because she is sick.

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Beth P. said...

Your brother sounds like mine. He calls everyone things except their real names! I'm glad your bro still has humor in him and can put that into writing. I hope he is doing well!

Working Mommy said...

What a great letter!! I'm sure he'll be happy to get it!


Shell said...

Your brother is doing a great thing! We have family who live right near Parris Island and we live near a bunch of bases here in NC.

Katherine said...

Aww...that's sweet. Hope he hangs on to that sense of humor.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Awww, that's such a sweet letter! What an amazing sacrifice "E" is making for our country. In your next letter, you need to thank him from ALL of us!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Ian said...

VERY NICE post. Feeling any better as of late?

Tiffany said...

that's so nice that your brother has held onto his sense of humor. he's doing such an admirable thing and I do thank him.

Helene said...

He'll be so excited to get that letter! I'm sure it must be hard with him being away from your family but he's doing such a wonderful thing for our country. No wonder you're proud of him!

Lisa Marie said...

I will keep your brother in my prayers. My prayers for peace and my prayers that he gets this wonderful letter.
My father is reitired military as was my grandfather and four uncles. I know the pride and pain that their service brings.

Brandy said...

i bet he will appreciate the letter very much.

Shandal said...

Awe how sweet! I bet that will make his day when he gets it!