Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's Frigid!

It's that time of the month for me, and I just did not feel like working out this morning. In fact, I have been pretty slack since the week of Christmas. I have exercised maybe two or three times a week since then, but the last two weeks I have only mustered out about two days a week. Is that bad? I have 10 pounds that I want to lose within the next 12 weeks, so I know if I want to accomplish that...I need to get on the ball. Hopefully after Wednesday is over, I can get back on the ball. 3 day periods are nice.

It is frigid cold here in the South. We do not normally experience temperatures such as these. It got down to 16 degrees last night, and today's high is only 32. To which I say, "Dear Summertime, could you hurry up please?" I hope that this is as cold as it will get, although, I read a headline of an article today that read: "Most of the United States is cold, and getting colder" Well that sucks. How is that Global Warming theory working out for you Mr. Gore? It really is ridiculous though, and I don't know who in their right mind could actually enjoy these temperatures. There is nothing fun about it. You walk outside, and you instantly feel like a popsicle (of no particular flavor). There is no snow. Just wind. Meanwhile, my gas bill is going to be through the roof because the heat can't stop running. "Dear Summertime, please hurry! I can't afford Winter." And poor Bree, she doesn't want to wear a jacket. She's like me. She just wants to slip on some flip-flops and pair of shorts and be ready to go. Sunday morning I dressed her in a sweater, tights, and blue jeans, and then forced her to put her big, fluffy pink snow jacket on. She fussed, and screamed, and kept shrugging the jacket off of her shoulders. I kept putting it back on her, assuring her that she needed it. It was 18 degrees outside; she would thank me.
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How cold is it where you live?



Brandy said...

it's cold here too. the low is supposed to be like 1 on thursday. screw that! bree looks really cute. grayson doesn't understand why he can't go outside and play when there is still snow everywhere. bring on spring.

our b life said...

I'm sorry to report here in AZ the high today is 69 and sunny. However, Miss Bree sure looks cute in her big coat!

Working Mommy said...

It is pretty frigid here as well...I don't want to take the babe outside because of how cold it is. Not only that but the wind - give me a break!! I'm ready for spring!


...stay at home wifey said...

It's cold, but I LOVE IT! LOL Spring would be nice because our gas bill is HIGH!!