Friday, January 08, 2010

Poot On Friday

Generally, I would be more than thrilled that it is Friday, but not today. My brother leaves Sunday morning at 10 a.m for Marine Boot Camp. If you missed Monday's post about this, click here. I did, however, learn this past week that I would be able to write him. That made me happy, as I plan to write him every day and then send the letters at the end of the week. I think we are all just ready for Sunday to come and go already. The anticipation is, I'm sure, worse than the actual event will be and although I am positive that there will be many tears shed Sunday morning when he gets on that bus...we'll be okay.

Last night we had supper with my Parents, and my two brothers. Errett, the brother leaving, seemed to be more at ease about everything, although I know he has a knot in his stomach. The funny part about last night is that the Military Channel was showing a three hour documentary on Parris Island Marine Boot camp. This is where Errett will be going, so we watched it. The show actually put me a little more at ease, as I got to see the things my brother would be doing during his 12 week stay. Although, I am sure that the documentary was sugar coated a still looked tough.


It was supposed to snow here last night, and it did...but not much. I wasn't enthused. Of course, I never am. There were some icy patches on the road on the way home last night that we had to be aware of, but other than that...nothing. I just wish it would get warm already. This "colder than usual" climate change we've got going on, is getting rather annoying.

Not much planned for this weekend. Just hoping to spend more time with my brother before Sunday. What do you all have planned?



Brandy said...

i have a big plan to clean house. woot woot. it's an exciting life that i lead.

those 3 months will pass before you know it!