Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Sick-Bree, Clarks & Pants on Tha Ground!

I'm doing Random Tuesday Thoughts today. I'm feeling random. But I refuse to use the little ugly purple button that everyone else uses. It just doesn't go with my color scheme :) Don't hate.

Bree is congested, and getting sick. It all started yesterday, and this morning it seems to be worse. I don't like Sick-Bree, because she is extremely grouchy. Instead of her sweet little laugh and precious little smile, I get a long drawn out nasally, whinny cry with lips curled into positions I never knew they could curl into. I'm bringing out the sedatives (totally kidding).

Paul actually got up an hour before he usually does this morning, to get ready for work. He got a shower, made coffee, and watched the news. I think it made my morning better. I hope he makes a habit out of this.

I am dying to get me some "Clarks" Wallabees, but I have to wait on Paul's bonus check...and I really don't think it's ever coming. Of course, I've got another week or so before it's time for him to get a bonus check...but still...I'm impatient. That's how bad I want those shoes.

"Pants on tha ground, pants on tha ground...lookin' like a foo with ya pants on tha ground..."

After two straight weeks of doing Jenny McCarthy's "Your Shape" workout on the Wii, I gained 5 pounds, and just as I started my 3rd week (yesterday), I have already dropped four of the five that I gained. I've always heard that when you want to lose weight, or when you switch up your workout to something harder and more vigorous, you'll gain weight first, and then it will start falling off. I hope that's true. I've got to have these last 10 pounds gone in 12 weeks, just in time for Brother's Marine Boot Camp Graduation!

I have been having lots of weird and vivid dreams lately. I have always had strange dreams, but for some reason, as of late, they seem to be more clear. Odd...wonder if it has anything to do with my exercise and eating healthier?

How many days until Summer?

Mine and Paul's 3rd Anniversary is next month, and we are planning a weekend getaway. I've never spent the night away from Bree, which sounds odd because most people with two year olds have dropped their kid off at "Grandma's" a few times. Not me. Mainly because my Mom still has a 14 year old at home, and the MIL is practically non-existent unless it's time for Paul to pay his phone bill (that's another story for another day). I'm excited though. Paul and I desperately need a night away.

I had to turn the A/C on in the house yesterday. Yes, in the middle of January. The temperature outside yesterday, got to be around 64 degrees, but the temperature in the house reached nearly 85 degrees before I broke down and agreed to turn on the air. I'm cheap. I don't know why it gets so hot in here when it's just a teeny bit warm outside, other than the fact that we are on the second floor of our Apartment Building and the guy below us sends all of his heat our way. I'm assuming this will happen again today, so I've got the A/C on stand by.

& I guess that concludes my Random Tuesday Thoughts. Feel free to comment :)

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Brandy said...

the pants on the ground song is totally catchy. it's all up in my head.

and sick Grayson is hell on earth. i get it!

Katherine said...

Hi...found you through Brandy.

My little guy has a cold, too. He's unpleasant, especially when I'm trying to sleep and he's not.

Yeah, the whole gaining weight thing really throws people off, but muscle weighs more than fat, which is why you gain at the beginning of a new workout and drop later. You may already know that.

Like your blog!

Lisa Marie said...

I have heard mixed reviews of Jenny's game. It is actually the same shape up game as before just now it has her in it. I'd love to know more about the routines and stuff... I am starting Wii Active Trainer, once Amazon delivers it...
Oh I love my Clarks... sometimes Marshalls and TJ Maxx get them cheaper! I got my Merrells at TJMaxx for like $50.00
anyway good luck and I hope your little one feels better soon

Working Mommy said...

Poor little lady!! Hope Bree feels better soon!!


Ian said...

Random comments...64? Where do you live? Jealous.

Sorry to hear your little one is sick.

Jenny has a game? Is there anything she won't slap her face onto these days?

Shandal said...

I hope Bree feels better soon! I have no idea what "Clarks" Wallabees is. Am I totally lame or what?
Keep working hard working out, you'll see results as long as you continue to diet too! :) I wish we could go on a weekend getaway, that sounds like so much fun!

WebSavvyMom said...

-->Followed you over from Speaking from the Crib. Your comment today is similar to the one I left. *cough, cough*...


Together We Save said...

Very Random.... hope your little feels better soon.