Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eugene the Idiot

Four years ago today, I was in a horrible, horrible car accident. My first ever car accident, and wasn't my fault.

It was 8 a.m on a Monday morning. I had dropped my brother off at school, and was running a little late for work. Not a problem though, because my Dad was my boss and he knew why I was late. So, I'm sitting at a traffic light and I'm jamming out to Nickelback's "Next Contestant" when all of the sudden I feel me, myself, and my car being pushed forward with a large amount of force. It wasn't until my left side mirror was ripped off from the door, that I realized my car was moving pretty fast and I wasn't doing it. I slammed on brakes just a few feet short from the intersection, sat there for a second, and then realized that I had just been hit by another car.

Below is a basic outline of what happened before and after impact:

Me - Sitting at a traffic light in my 2 door 2001 Honda Civic
Eugene - Dude in a red, Ford 1995 F-150 going 55 mph in a 45 mph zone
Me - Still sitting at a traffic light, jamming out to Nickelback
Eugene - Can't tell that the traffic light is red, or that there is a dozen other people stopped at the red light in 3 different lanes, and hits me...still going 55 mph.
Me - My car is hit with so much force that the wheel jerks and puts me in between two lanes, where I proceed to hit 6 other cars before coming to a complete stop

And below are the pictures of what Eugene the Idiot, did to my car:

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4 years later: My palms get sweaty every time I get in my car, I freak out a little when I am sitting at a traffic light (although I have gotten a lot better over the course of the years), I can still hear the sound that my car made when his big butt truck ate my little Civic back end up, and I am still sleeping on the same heating pad that I bought that help my poor little back.

Here's to Eugene the Idiot, may he have lost his license and his job. May he be driving around on a MoPed, down a sidewalk, through the woods somewhere. May he never grace these Carolina highways again.

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Shell said...

How scary! So glad that you were okay.

Melissa said...

Stupid Eugene. That sounds scary. I would definitely have some PTSD from that.

I am glad you are okay!

Kiera said...

wow. i wonder how he missed all of those cues. was he on something? lawsuit?

Joe Cap said...

You were so lucky it was only your car that got destroyed and not you, although I know you never recover from something like this mentally. The hard part is, you feel like you have no control, because you were just sitting there.

Sam said...

Oh my gosh, that must have been so scary! What an idiot that guy must have been. I'm glad you were okay.

Just stopping by to introduce myself, I'm (also) Samantha (or Sam, whatever) your newest follower. I found you through Deb's Menopausal New Mom blog. Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime!

Have a great weekend

Slumber Designs said...

OMG!... my jaw was dropped the entire time I was reading your post! And those pictures... wow. Glad you're ok!!!

Oh, and this is my first time to your blog. Lovin' it!

Kristy said...

Oh my God! I have to say though, it looks like your car held up pretty well... considering... I can see why you get nervous... Glad you were okay...

Bendigo said...

wow...hit at 55 mph...You are certainly lucky to be able to tell us about it today..

Here's hoping that Eugene is not allowed to drive that moped because after all it has a motor and he could probably screw that up too...

Kato said...

Oh my goodness! That made my heart race just a little bit! You are so lucky you were not hurt even more, you poor thing! I am glad that you made it out ok.

I was in a car accident not half as bad as this EIGHTEEN years ago and I still am scared and do not have my licence because of it. So I understand the fear.

Eugene sucks ass.

Helene said...

I've been rear-ended twice and I know that anxiety you're talking about! Every time I'm sitting at a traffic light, I cannot help but stare into my rearview mirror to make sure no one is charging at me at 45 mph!!

So glad you were okay though...definitely a heart-stopping moment for sure!

Shandal said...

OMG, he hit you at 55mph? Holy impact! Your trunk was completely gone! I'm glad you made it out alright. Goodness!