Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Saturday Morning Post

I generally take the weekends off from posting, but this morning the Hubby is at a Men's Breakfast and I'm a little bored. I am also secretly hoping that Hubby will bring me home a biscuit from the delicious Country Ham House. That place is ah-mazing, and I must say...I'm a little jealous that Hubby got a 3 course meal for breakfast and I had to settle for a piece of toast and some coffee. Of course I texted him to see if he could possibly, maybe, bring me home a biscuit. Haven't heard back from him. Maybe he's in some pretty serious Bible Study or something. I don't know. I really want a biscuit.

Anyway, our monsoon weather finally cleared out late last night. What was supposed to be tons of ice and snow, turned into tons of rain. I'm not sure which is more annoying, snow and ice, or a lot of rain. Rain is definitely more...wet. We did however, go out to eat with the FIL and BIL last night. I wasn't going to spend another Friday night at home like I had the last 3 weeks. Sometimes ya just gotta get out and ya don't care who you're getting out with. It was okay, but I'm in a serious shopping mood and have absolutely no money.

Why is it that when you want to shop the most, you're the brokest (I definitely just made up a word)?

I used to think that I didn't have a shoe fetish. Now I am thinking that I am wrong. Although I just got my Clarks a couple of weeks ago, I told Hubby I wanted a pair of Dansko's. He looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. Hey...I like a good comfy shoe and I can't help that you have to pay a 100 dollars to get that. Don't yell at me, yell at the companies for pricing it that way. Oh and the Spring shopping I'm going to do when I get that tax refund. Oh the flip flops I'm going to buy. And Oh the Doc's appointment I have to make with my OBGYN. I don't have health insurance. Can't afford it. order to avoid debt, I'm making my check-up appointment at the OBGYN so I can pay for it with my tax refund (yes, this is how poor people have to live). Gotta have all that precious woman stuff done. Ugh. Child birth was embarrassing enough. And yes, my OB is a man. And no, he's not attractive. I even think he may be gay...but that's another story.


This post turned out looking like a Random Tuesday Thoughts post. I guess that's the mood I'm in, but that's what's to be expected from someone who didn't get much sleep.

How many of you are snowed in today?

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Anonymous said...

MMM the idea of some good 'ole country biscuits and gravy sounds good! That is mother's milk here in TN!
I love my Clark's shoes. I buy 'em at after I try 'em on in stores, and I have also found Merrells (my favie) at TJ Maxx and other discount retailers from time to time oodles cheaper. A friend owns a Merrells here in town and she only offers me a %10 discount.Have a great weekend:)

Shell said...

I hope that he brings you home some food! I get so mad when my Hubs gets to go out to eat and comes home with nothing- but tells me all about what he ate.

It poured down rain here last night- crazy winds. Thankful for no snow.

My ob for my first pregnancy- his wife was a sub in my district and was often in my classroom while I was at my appointments. I always felt a little weird walking back into my class and seeing her afterwards. LOL

I'm feeling a little random this morning, too.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hey Samantha, hope you got that biscuit! So far, we are having sunshine here but there is probably about 8 - 10 inches of snow on the ground from last week.

I love shoes too but I don't think I have a shoe fetish yet but I'm working on it. Having that money from visa and the airlines certainly sparked a shopping bug in me I didn't know I had.

Now how do I get them to foot the bill for my next trip to the mall Lol!

Kato said...

Well I hope that man of yours heard your prayers (and text) and brought you home a biscuit!

I love the way you write, I have to say. And I am not snowed in surprisingly, here in Ontario, Canada, it is a beautiful sunny day! But cold! Very cold!

I hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Salt said...

Ohhh you know I'm snowed in. Fiancé made a really great attempt at digging the cars out, but it was just pointless so he gave up. The snow is almost to my hips in some areas and I'm not that short.

My mom actually lives in SC also and so she has been getting pelted with unbelievably amounts of rain also. This storm has just been a big bag of suck for the whole east coast.

I hope you got your biscuit. :)

Kiera said...

why do guys always get the awesome meals and were always scrounging for a biscuit from the 3 courses? lol.

my obs a man w 14 kids but i loe him. i figure hes seen enough cooters that i dont have to be embarrassed about mine!

oh- and money comes and goes, as does things, so fear not, sister! a shopping spree is (in our future!!

MrsM said...

Just rain here...I am loving the NW more and more when I hear about everyone else's weather!

Okay, maybe I'm just cheap but do $100 shoes have a solid gold heel or what?! The most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned was $25 and I thought that was a lot-I normally buy on sale for $10-15.

Samuel Tingle said...


Desertson said...

If yer hubs is like me he'll probably bring you that biscuit but after lusting for a few hours over the latest and greatest sports car at the auto dealer your yummy biscuit will be cold and hard...sorry but we men like to shop too.

Working Mommy said...

The urge to shop always hits me when I have no money as well...ugh!! I hope you got your biscuit at least!! We got hit with that snow you were supposed to get...a whole 30 inches here!


Sarah said...

I completely agree that when you want to shop you are always the "brokest" (love that word, BTW.) Why does life always work that way???

Ian said...

I was super snowed in and let me tell you. I'll take tons of rain over 2 1/2 feet of snow ANYDAY!