Monday, February 15, 2010

A Snowy Valentines Weekend...

Friday afternoon around 3:30, I was engaged in a pretty intense Yoga work out. As I was lifting my body back to an upright position, concentrating hard on balancing and NOT falling over, my concentration was thrown off when I noticed that it had suddenly began snowing outside. Since it takes nearly all of my concentration to stay balanced on one foot, I toppled over. I picked myself up off of the floor, and made my way to the window to watch the snow fall. Much to my disappointment, the meteorologist had predicted the snow correctly. Still, I wasn't giving up on going on my Valentines Date with Paul that night.

Two hours later, Paul was home from work and the snow had not yet let up. I was still determined to go out on my date, but then our babysitter (the Mother In Law) wigged out and decided that the roads were going to be too bad. Thing is...the snow wasn't really sticking to the roads, but evidently that didn't make a difference. We didn't go. I cried, thought over and over to myself about how bad my life sucks, how it's just one big FAT disappointment after the other, and how Paul was being a big butt because he didn't want to go out in the snow anyway. I finally decided to practice a few tips that I learned from Mrs. M's Valentine Week posts last week about how to love your Hubby more. By doing so we ended up avoiding what could have been a pretty big fight between us. After getting myself calmed down, I decided that there wasn't any sense in making the remainder of Friday night miserable. So I sent Paul to get pizza and a movie, a Snicker Bar and a Pepsi...and I ate my weight in food and sweets. Which, if you read this post, that doesn't make any sense. I regretted it later though, and by the time I went to bed...I seriously thought I was going to die from the amount of sugar I had ingested.

I was glad to know that eating my weight in pizza, indulging in a Snicker Bar, and drinking a 20 ounce Pepsi didn't have an effect on how I looked Saturday morning. I half expected to wake up with a pot belly. Nevertheless, we had a good 5 inches of snow on the ground. Paul thought it would be fun to go over to his Dad's house so that Bree could play in the snow. Bree and Paul attempted to build a snowman (or a no man in Bree's vocabulary), but when someone doesn't rake their leaves in the Fall time you wind up with a leafy snowman instead.:
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Don't hate on the pitiful looking leafy snowman, Bree was proud.

Paul and I did finally get to go out on our Valentines Day date Saturday night. If you read this post, you would now how pissed I was about the snow Friday night and it's date ruining self. We had fun together though. It was nice being just us for a few hours. Plus a Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte really puts the finishing touches on a wonderful night.

For Valentines Day we did pick Bree up a couple of things to give to her. Paul and I decided on no gifts for each other since we have our Anniversary in a couple of weeks. We got Bree a Kai-Lan book, and little box of Dora chocolates. She was pretty excited about both, especially the candy.
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So...that was our little weekend. It was a cold, snowy weekend, but I'm disappointed that it's already Monday again.

How was your weekend?

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Tracie said...

Any snowmen we would build would be full of leaves too.

We had a very quiet weekend. Watched some Olympics and hung out at home. Yawn.

Miss. Candy said...

Sorry to hear your "planned" date night was put on hold! We got hit with three feet of snow so I can relate! Love the pictures!!

singedwingangel said...

sorry your date got postponed, I rarely get out without mom or my kids attached so I know how that time away can be important...

Shell said...

Love the snowman! It's so funny- there are TONS of snowmen around here. I've never seen anything like it. Even when I lived in PA. I think it's b/c, in PA, you knew there was always another snow coming, so there was no rush to build one.

I'll post a pic later this week of my boys next to snowmen that were built right on the beach. :)

I think you are owed a night out, though!

Melissa said...

It looks like it all worked out in the end (and I totally know what you mean about eating too much and then thinking/feeling that you look a lot bigger afterwards... I always feel that way after over-indulging in food).

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I love that snowman!

It was a good weekend, but no date night. My oldest did eat fast last night at dinner and then turned off all of the kitchen lights and told us to "be romantic"

Hissyfits & Halos said...

Your snowman has leafy boobs. :)

What cute pix. Glad you had a great weekend!

Salt said...

I think Bree did a great job! It's probably better than any snowman I ever made. :) I'm glad your date night didn't get ruined and you made a good weekend out of it.

My mom is on the SC coast and they got like 3 inches of snow there. So weird!

Our weekend was low key. Fiancé took me out for dinner for Valentine's and we got a lot of shopping done for our trip. :)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

We got G some stuff for Valentine's Day too... no gifts for us, but it was like Christmas morning for that child!!!

We went out for dinner on Friday mid-blizzard... I was actually shocked the restaurant was still open!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Lisa Marie said...

Sounds like a perfectly delightful Valentine's Day!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Cute little "noman." ;) I'd be bummed about missing the date too, but I'm glad you spent some time together anways. :)

Sarah said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Sounds like everything turned out well, in the end. Your little one is so adorable with her gifts!

Katherine said...

Of course the weatherman gets it right when you have plans!

That "no man" is so cute! And I'm glad you finally got to go out on your date night.

Kato said...

I am glad that you didnt let nature ruin your weekend! Damn that snow to pieces!

Sounds lke it ended up being lovely anyway :)