Sunday, March 14, 2010

& We Have a Champion!

Yesterday, I asked you all to vote, in a who-would-win-contest between Batman & Superman. After tallying up the votes taken both here and on Facebook, and reading your very creative reasons of why one would beat the other...we have a Champion!
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That's right folks, Batman is our winner, though he only beat Superman by one point! I'm sure that it would be a close match between the two, but judging by your opinions on why he would win, Batman is way smarter, with way better gadgets, and in my opinion... is way sexier (at least the Christian Bale version). If looks could kill, Batman would definitely be the winner!

Wanna re-match? Let me know, and I'll hold the poll again, but this time you have to invite all of your friends!

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blueviolet said...

I agree with the masses. Wise choice all!

Lisa Marie said...

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Bruce Wayne has it all:)

Brandy said...

idk - but batman is hotter than superman.


Hmmmm.... I think we need a Batman v. Superman Title fight.... Come on Christopher Nolan and Brian Singer.... Let's make it happen!

I Think It's Interesting

Desertson said...

Batman was a waaaay cooler movie, so I'm with the Batguy.