Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1 of p90x - Fail

I woke up with a little pep in my step this morning, excited to start p90x. I'm desperate to get rid of this Bree baby flab once and for all, and from what I've heard...p90x is the way to do it! I've decided to do the Lean Version of p90x instead of Classic, because I don't want to be all ab-alicious...just pretty & toned.

Anyway, so I pop Core Synergistics into the c.d player, take my place and I got started. I was surprised that I could do most of the things, with the exception of a the boat banana or whatever it's called. You should have seen me trying to do this thing. Someone should video tape me, and send it into America's Funniest Home Videos. I assume that I'll get stronger as the days progress & I'll start to gain the ability to do them all, and maybe not look half as silly as I did today. Regardless, I did my best, worked hard, and had a river of sweat pouring from my forehead and chest.

With 20 minutes left...I quit.


Because, I was getting pretty tired and I knew that I would lose form & if I lose form, well...that defeats the purpose of the moves anyway.

I wonder if it's normal to not be able to finish on Day 1 of p90x? I hope it's normal, because I plan on making Day 2 happen tomorrow morning. Like today, I'll do my best & forget the rest! I just didn't see the point in continuing when I couldn't feel my legs.

I'm excited though. It was hard work, which makes it even more addicting! It's a challenge...and I will do it!

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Brandy said...

can you have a do-over like do day 1 again tomorrow? and pretend like today was practice

Katherine said...

My friend did p90X...she now weighs less then she did pre-pregnancy and is way more toned. She said it's a killer, but so worth it!

Melissa said...

This would make for a fun vlog!!! You doing p90x. What do you think?

Your blog break wasn't long... are you really back or just stopping by for a quick visit?

I failed at a spinning class.... I hated it and never went back. I don't feel bad about it though. It was torture and I don't do torture!

Have a great Monday!

The Random Blogette said...

New reader here! It is normal not to make it through your first day of P90x. I have not tired it myself but I know a ton of people who have done it and loved ...after a while. My bro lost 25lbs in 2 months and my SiL lost 15 lbs in 2 months. Just wanted to add my 2 cents and let you know that you did not fail. Just keep doing it!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of a lot of people doing the program. Sooo not for me, I prefer my eliptical. I give you major props for getting as far as you did!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

It needs to be hard if it's gonna work- and yes, you CAN have a do-over ... I say way to go- I could never workout at home- Keep it up!

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

Seriously just the commercials for it make me tired so I can imagine! I am so excited to see and hear of your progress though!!

our b life said...

You did better than my hubby. He watch just the promo video and couldn't get through that. Good luck tomorrow

Joe Cap said...

Not familiar with this workout routine, but if it is that hard, you know it must be good for you! I like Brandy's suggestion...consider the first day a trial run.

Ian said...

I like how your "vacation" only lasted a couple of days :) just sayin

and hey, Jayme's over here now WOOHOO!

Trina said...

Supposed to start P90X tomorrow with hubby. I'm scared!

Are you following the eating plan? That is what overwhelms me.

Becky said...

Hey, 20 minutes of working your butt off is more than yesterday! Every day you'll do better :)

Shell said...

At least you are trying! Keep it up!

B said...

I'm pretty sure you made it further than I would have! Better luck today :)

Jeff Cavaliere said...


Even though P90X users start with good intentions, they often fade quickly due to the incredible work demand that the system places on people who, most often are not even close to being "7-day-a-week" workout fiends.

That said, as a fitness professional and Men's Fitness writer I don't feel that one needs to subject themselves to 90 straight days of workouts to get results. In fact, I think this limits results by sending your body into a state of overtraining.

I created the AthLEAN-X Training System, based off my work with several professional athletes (spent three seasons as an MLB strength coach) to help people create an athletic and lean body....without the marathon workouts.

You can see it at and get more details. However in short, don't be discouraged. It's quite normal unfortunately with P90X. With my program you only have to work out 3-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes max.

Might worth looking at as an alternative!

Either way...keep the focus and you'll be in that body you've wanted soon enough!

Best in health,
Jeff Cavaliere

Honey B. said...

SOMEDAY I will be able to do p90x....right now, I'm proud if I can get through the first half of 30 Day

Brad said...

Just stick with it. If all you can do is 20 minutes then try to get 22 minutes the following week.

To be honest, I really don't like the Lean Version and many women think that's the way to go. The Classic version is the way to go as you do more resistance training which burns fat. Tony shows you how to build lean muscle with those workouts.

Regardless of that, just stick with it.