Friday, May 21, 2010

A Pain in my Neck

A pain my neck...


Yesterday morning before I started my Yoga X workout, I was exceptionally stiff and sore from the previous day's exercise. Somehow, I must have turned my neck the wrong way. It feels like one of those annoying cricks you can get after a weird night of sleep, and at first that's what I thought it was. Except today it still hurts.

I decided to skip my Legs & Back workout today. It hurts to turn my head or to do anything weird. I feel guilty for skipping it, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I hope my neck is better by tomorrow...I've got Kenpo X and I love me some Kenpo! I'm going to try not to feel guilty though. I am seeing dramatic results...finally!

I have a sort of busy weekend ahead. Cookout tonight, a baby shower tomorrow afternoon and then taking pictures for my sister from another mister for her prom. I know I am week over due for getting those p90x day 0 & day 30 pictures to you, but I swear...I'll get 'em up!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe & enjoy this picture of Breezy & Pistol the Clown from the Character Carnival last week!
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Katherine said...

Clowns sort of freak me out!

Finally seeing results? I'm happy to hear that because I'm not really seeing any, other than more flexibility. Kenpo makes me happy!

Salt said...

AHHHHHH!!! CLOWN!!!!!!!! She is handling being in that picture with him way better than I ever could.

I'm so happy you are seeing those results!! What exactly is Yoga X? Sounds like something I would love.

Joe Cap said...

Clowns kind of scare me too.
Look at the expression on Bree's face...she is thinking.."uh, Mom...who is this?"

Brandy said...

that clown is a freak. why is bree not scared?!

Melissa said...

Don't worry about anything Samantha and if you are in pain don't work out... it's always a good idea to take a break.

Mommy Lisa said...

I agree with Salt about the clown.

;) Happy Weekend.

Anonymous said...

The clown freaks me out! :)
I hope your neck feels better.
Way to go on your workouts! You are my inspiration...