Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stupid People

I don't like very many people. It's no secret. People in general just really get on my nerves. Why? Because most people are stupid. Plain and simple. Stupid. You may recall the conversation I heard between a cashier and bag boy at the local grocery story on Monday? It's that kind of pointless stupidity that drives me batty!

I know that I will be that grouchy, bitchin' old woman in the nursing home, who cusses out everyone that walks past me in the hallway. When my Grandmother was in a nursing home, before she died, there was this old woman who sat in her wheel chair in the hallway, and every time someone walked by she would just start cussing them out. Total strangers, not people she knew and not even the nurses. Just visitors coming to visit their family and friends. One day, as I walked past her, she said"Here comes that ol' whore. She's a little b----". I laughed, because I knew, that one day...that would be me. I wondered if she was like me in her younger days-If she hated stupid people too, until one day she developed absolutely no tolerance for people at all.

That's what stupid people to do normal people like me. They make us crazy! They turn us into that mean old lady that scares kids so bad, they are afraid to retrieve stray baseballs that they accidentally batted into her yard. I'm going to be that woman, except, I won't have a lot of cats like most of them do, and my yard will be clean, and my porch not cluttered (like the mean old ladies they show in the movies).

Anyway, it's a scary thought really. I don't want to be mean, but it seems that stupidity has stretched far and wide among people these days. It's everywhere you look. Politicians, doctors, teachers, oil rig workers, etc. We shouldn't be afraid of the Taliban...we should be afraid of the stupid people living in our own Country!

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Salt said...

I dealt with a business conversation yesterday that was rife with such stupidity that I practically had to run out of the office when it was over just so no one would see me screaming.

In other words...I'm with you. Thank goodness I have smart friends.

♥Cari♥ said...

I am sooo with you on this one! I have ZERO tolerance for stupidity and lack of common sense!

Melissa said...


It sounds like you are having a rough time lately with "stupid people." Good luck with dealing with them... sometimes they can be aggravating!

Joe Cap said...

I have to agree...I have no tolerance for people that don't use their brain.
Also got a kick how you included 'oil rig workers' in your list!

B said...

I concur!

BTW - love the blog makeover! I usually view on my phone, so I hadn't seen it in its entirety, but lookin' good!

PS - Can you help me with my blog button???

B said...

Oops I'm logged into my secondary blog - it's B from over at unexpectedlyexpectingbaby.blogspot.com!