Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tony Horton Would Kick My Butt

After my first round of P90X, I look great (although I think I could look better, which is why there will be a Round 2). I lost 6 pounds, and I wish I knew how many inches. I dropped a pants size, and I have people telling me that they have never seen me this thin. That's because I have never been this thin (pictures will be here soon!). This weekend though, I ate so badly that I'm pretty sure if Tony Horton caught wind of the things I ate...he would fly all the way to South Carolina and kick my butt!

It all started on Thursday night when I had some Thai food. I didn't eat much of it, but what I did eat was not healthy in any sense! On Friday, I had a healthy breakfast and lunch and then had some pizza (my favorite) for supper. Yesterday, I had my cereal, went to Wendys and had a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, a few fries, a few bites of a Frosty, and a cup of Chili (I was hungry), only to top it all off with a 7 ounce steak and a serving of Lobster Macaroni & Cheese. Today, we had a family reunion to go to. Now, in the South, family reunions means lots and lots of food. Lots of fattening foods, but oh so good food! I didn't eat as much as I would have liked, but I ate more than I should have. Macaroni and Cheese, Brocolli Casserole, Shrimp salad on a croissant, and a Pecan Pie (my 2nd favorite food). The family reunion was at 1 o'clock today, 7:15 p.m and I am STILL FULL!

I will have to double up on some P90X this week I fear, and it will be a long, long time before I eat like that again! I feel guilty because I shouldn't have eaten all that I have this weekend, and I pray that I didn't gain anything, even a pound would piss me off.

I was going to take my "after" P90X pictures today, but if you saw how bloated my stomach was right now you probably couldn't tell much of a difference from my Day 0 pictures! Yes, I am beating myself up about all of the food I have eaten this weekend...and honestly, I don't think I'll ever eat again. I ate enough at that family reunion today to suffice for the next 10 years! Okay, maybe that's being a little dramatic, but my tummy feels like that; for now.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Melissa said...

Oh Samantha! You are fine. It is okay to indulge every now and then for special occassions and it doesn't sound like you did that bad. I used to get Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers all the time from Wendy's! SO yummy. Brings back memories.

Just go back to your normal, healthy eating and try not to worry about your weekend indulgence. Seriously. It will all work out in the end.

And I still can't wait to see the pictures!

Shandal said...

Hey we all slip up every now and then. At least you're ready to get back on the P90X bandwagon! :) Hope everything else is going well for you girl! :)

Powdered Toast Man said...

You are allowed to cheat every once in awhile especially at family gatherings and when there is really good food to eat.

Miss. Candy said...

You need a trophy for just doing P90! I tried, but failed!! I started on Weight Watchers and another workout form. Maybe now that I am in a little better shape I could go back. Anyhow, you should be so proud of yourself!!! Good for you!! Way to go!!! Cheers!!!

Joe Cap said...

You are fine, I am sure you still look great after the indulgences.
In fact, you looked great BEFORE you started all this.

B said...

You and I both - I have been eating like complete and utter crap for days now, citing "breastfeeding" as my excuse. I'm pretty sure if you can put on weight breastfeeding, you're overdoing it :P

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I LOVE the new layout and design-- it's gorgeous, BTW...

I really wish I knew someone who could lend me p90x-- I've heard AMAZING things about it. I know you'll rock it out!


Katherine said...

I just started the second round of P90X this week. Plyo is killer!

I didn't lose all that much in round 1, but I rarely get to finish an entire workout. Ethan usually interrupts me.

Don't feel bad...we can't be good all the time.