Monday, February 09, 2009

...The First Entry


I'm a stay at home Mom. There are alot of things that I experience in a day, that most people do not have the pleasure of experiencing. For example...poop.

I can always tell if my daughter is healthy if I see her supper in her poop the next day. Lima beans, all comes out looking as though she never ate it. It amazes me how sometimes she can smell up the entire room, and when I go to change her diaper, a dime sized turd will be sitting there in the center of her diaper where my mind had imagined a huge mess of squishy poop. How does something so small, make such an awful smell? I think that baby poop is one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

Life in my house is pretty interesting. It's not all about poop, but Bree's defecation has alot to do with it. Trying to bribe my husband into changing her diaper is a challenge. Most of the time he will flat out refuse to change her diaper. That's when I have to pull the guilt trip, because after I change 1,500 diapers in a single afternoon...I want a break! Nevertheless, having a 17 month old little girl makes our life everything but boring. My interesting life is the reason for this blog. I'm letting you into my life as a stay at home Mom.