Monday, February 16, 2009

The Phantom Scream...

They say that a person can know how addicted to their cell phone they are, when they hear it ring when it's not even ringing. It's called a "phantom ring". I myself have done this many times. I have even ran to my phone if I was in another room only to find that my phone was not ringing. Well, I have decided that there is such thing as a "phantom scream" too.

I'm not sure if it is Bree's age (or just something she is going through), but she has random outbursts that involves high pitched screaming, and the most annoying drawn out whine. I'm not sure that I can even take it anymore. She has never been a fussy child, so it's not something I should be used to by now. It's something she just started. I hear her screaming in my sleep, when I'm awake, and when I am trying to relax. It's not her screaming though, it's the "phantom scream".

I don't know how to get rid of it, and I pray to God that it's not permanent. I'm not sure that I could handle it if it were permanent. I hope that after she gets older and stops having these outburts...the phantom scream will disappear. I guess I can only pray.