Friday, March 13, 2009

Cold, Hard French Fries

After waiting in the line of the drive thru at the local McDonalds, the employee finally hands you the bag of food that you ordered. Before you even get out of the drive thru, you have already shoved and devoured two hand-fulls of french fries. Unknowlingly, a french fry slips from your greasy, salty fingers, and falls to the carpeted floor of your car. Days, months, and years go by until you finally find the time (and the money) to have your car cleaned. In a desperate attempt to clean all of the toys, stray Goldfish crackers, and other random things from your stumble upon that french fry that you dropped. Now it's cold, and hard and not in the least bit appetizing.

These cold, hard french fries gross me out and drive me crazy. As I was writing out my deposit slip at the bank today, I happened to notice a cold, hard french fry lying in the floor board of the passenger side of my car. I picked it up like I was picking up a dirty diaper, between the tips of my pointer finger and thumb, rolled down my window and threw it out. I haven't figured out why these things completely gross me out and make me feel all icky, but they do.

So next time you find one of these cold, hard french fries in the floor of your vehicle, think about me and smile. Then, pick it up by the tips of your pointer finger and thumb, and throw it out the window!