Monday, March 16, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

This morning we drove up to North Carolina to visit a chiropractor. Paul's neck has been giving him nothing but pain, and causing headaches. His Mom suggested we go see her chiropractor just to put Paul back in line (he needs more than just a chiropractor to do that). We got up to North Carolina, and I watched as Paul got adjusted. She worked on him for about an hour, and just when I thought we were going to get to leave...she wants to work on my back.

I was in a bad car accident three years ago. A Ford F150 hit me from behind, going 55 miles per hour. I've had a bad back ever since that horrific day.

She put me on this bed, face down, and began pushing on the spots that hurt the most. I couldn't help but let out a "yelp". It hurt! She tells me to relax, and breathe. I'm never relaxed, and sometimes I forget to breathe, so even this was a task for me. I felt like she was going to break me, and then suddenly she grabs me neck, tells me to breathe, and then YANK! She popped my neck. SNAP. I CAN'T STAND to have my neck popped, because the noise that it makes KILLS my ears. After she does that, she takes her forearms, and starts pushing down really hard on different parts of my body. She more or less was punching me with her forearms. CRACKLE. Then she turns me over on my sides and starts twisting me whole entire body. I started freaking about because I thought that she was about to throw me off of the table. She assured me that she was not going to let me fall of the table. Finally, I feel my back start to POP, and it's good because it's in a place that I have been trying to POP for weeks now. So, she turns me over on my other side and starts twisting me again. POP! The other side of my back does the same thing.

After it was all over and done with it, I actually felt better, but now that it's been a few hours later. I'm sore. My neck kinda hurts, I feel a headache coming on, and I'm kind of achy. It was an exhausting day, with just a little too much snap, crackle, pop!