Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Most of my family has suffered with allergies all of their life. I thought that I had escaped it all. I've always had my share of headaches, but that's normal for my family. More recently though, I have found that I have actually developed allergies.

Last Summer I was hanging yard sale signs when I stepped right on top of an ant hill without knowing. I got bit nearly two dozen times on my foot and leg. An hour later, I was swollen, breaking out into hives, and heading to the emergency room. I had been bit by ants before, but evidently somewhere along the line I became allergic to insect bites. I now have to carry Benadryl around with me, especially in the Summer time.

This will is the first Spring that I can recall feeling this horrible and stuffy with. I know that alot of people get watery, itchy eyes; runny noses, and headaches during Spring. I never used to, until this Spring. I don't like it, and it is especially strange since I have never suffered from this type of stuff before. I guess that I should be taking some kind of a medicine to help ease all of this, but I hate medicine and will only take Tylenol to relieve a headache. I think that in alot of ways, medications can ruin our immune system which sucks when you are in a serious state and you need an antibiotic to help. My brother had Bacterial Menigitis a couple of years ago, and was at the door of death. Had he been given alot of antibiotics when he was a child, the antibiotics probably wouldn't have worked and he would have died. Thank God, my Mom knew what she was doing when she was giving us Tylenol instead of rushing us to the Doctor's office at the first sign of a runny nose.

Anyway, so I've been suffering from headaches, runny nose, and feeling like my sinuses are about to pop out from eye balls. I can't wait until Summer. Spring is nice, but Summer is better.


Scifihed said...

ah Allergies, my Mom, Joan, was into them as well, back when I was in 4th grade I was asleep half the time, so she brought me into an allergist, I was found to have 450 allergies just in the plants around me, I mean everything, and then I was takin of everything
Milk, and Wheat, I could only eat eggs and potatos, and meat, so when I was out of 12th grade I was just 130 LBS at over 6feet 1 inch...

Melissa said...

We've actually discussed the over using of antibiotics in my anatomy and physiology class recently and you're right, they do weaken your immune system. Your body has natural antibodies, so when you're prescribed other antibiotics, the ones you have already get "lazy", so to speak, and aren't as helpful when you really need them.

Samantha said...

My Nanny Tingle says we must get the allergies from her side because she's about like you, allergic to every plant, mold, etc...I hope that I don't get that bad, and that insect bites remain the only thing that I am severely allergic to. You were a string bean when you graduated =)

& Yes, that makes alot of sense about the antibiotics. I never really thought about it that way until me and my Mom had a discussion. I rarely get sick, and I believe thats because when I was a kid...we just didn't go to the doctor unless we had a high fever. Paul stays stuffy nosed, and stuff all of the time & his Mom took him to the doctor at the first sign of a cough. So. There you go.