Wednesday, April 08, 2009


When Bree was born, we used Huggies as our choice for diapers. It didn't take us too long to figure out though that Huggies leaked...and they leaked bad. So, we switched to Pampers. I especially liked the switch, because Pampers seemed to be relatively cheaper. We were even more excited about our new choice of diapers when they NEVER leaked (except for when the diapers got really full).

We do most of our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart just because of how much cheaper stuff is there, but oddly enough, their diaper selections are not that great. They didn't even have diapers in HUGE packages. Tey highest they went to were 80 diapers, and they were charging 25.00 for those. One day, while I was in Target (my favorite place in the world), I had a look at their diapers and was ecstatic when I found that they sold 100 diapers for 20 dollars!! From that point on, we began purchasing our Pampers from Target.

Well, today when I went to Target to get Bree some diapers I noticed that the box of diapers looked smaller. Then, I noticed that instead of 100 diapers in the box, there were only 96. I checked the price, and saw that it was still the same, 20.00. That's when I got mad. What the hell kind of difference is FOUR DIAPERS GONNA MAKE??? If Pampers is going to take four diapers out of my usual 100, then they better chop four dollars off of the price!

I was highly upset with the Pampers company. They have been getting my business for nearly two years, and for nearly two years I have been buying the same package of diapers for the same price and then they try to slip a fast one by me. They probably don't think anyone will notice four diapers. Well, I noticed and it didn't make me very happy.