Thursday, April 09, 2009

American Idol, the final 7...

So, I probably should have started doing this a while back, but it's not too late to start now. Every Thursday after the American Idol Results Show, I'm going to give my two cents about what I think about who got voted off. I'm going to start with last week, because, well, I liked Megan Joy!

Megan Joy
I liked Megan, because she sings the type of music that I listen to. Not many people like that type of music, but evidently there are quiet a bit who do because she stayed in past the top 10! Maybe it was because she was "hot", I don't know. Nevertheless, I definitely think Lil' Rounds should have been kicked off last week. I have not been "wowed" nor have I voted for her in a few weeks. Oh well, I have always said that AI finalists do better in the music world rather than the winners. That stays true for all but Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jordan Sparks.

Scott Macintyre
I have never liked him from the beginning, and I think the reason why he got to stay on so long is because he was able to play the "sympathy" card. I don't care if he's "legally blind" or not, the man can't sing or perform! I was so thankful when America voted him off last night. I think it was about time, and I am disappointed in the judges for blowing sunshine up his butt since he's been in the competition. Take his blindness away, and they would have torn him up like any other contestant on American Idol. I'm glad he's going home, and I definitely won't be missing him at all.

Next Week...
I am hoping that next week, we can say goodbye to Lil' Rounds. She hasn't stood out to me, and I feel like she sings like she talks. She screams the songs, and I haven't heard a good performance by her in quiet a while. Maybe she can redeem herself, but she has continued to say that she's gonna do better week after week, and I have yet to see any improvements.

My top 5
Danny, Allison, Matt, Kris, Anoop

Yes, I DO NOT LIKE Adam...even though he could very possibly win this competition.