Monday, May 18, 2009

Coupon Savings Monday!

Evidently Monday has been deemed grocery day in my household, and since I have begun using coupons to save money on my grocery bill...Monday at Apple Juice and Milk will now also be deemed, Coupon Savings Monday!.

The best deals that one can find at BiLo is their "buy 1 get 1 free" items. Thankfully, their Carolina Pride bacon was buy 1 get 1 free again this week. It's my favorite brand of bacon, so of course, I was very excited. I also had a coupon for 55 cents off of any flavor of Mentos gum. Their Mentos gum was on sale "buy one get one free" also. Here's a look at what I saved:
- -Carolina Pride Thick Sliced Bacon: was 6.98 before savings, with bonus card I saved 3.50.
- -Mentos Gum: was 2.70 before savings, with bonus card & the .55 coupon I saved 1.36, thus getting 2 packs of gum free!!!

CVS Pharmacy
I added CVS to the list today. I eat Kashi cereal religiously, and they had it on sale 2 for 5 dollars. I also had a coupon for a 1.50 off of any 2 boxes of Kashi Cereal. Here it is broken down:
- -Kashi Autumn Wheat & Heart to Heart: was on sale for 2.50 a piece (2 for 5 dollars) With 1.50 off coupon it totaled up to 3.50. For 2 boxes of Kashi Cereal!!! I saved 4.68!!

I always end up spending a bit more in Wal-Mart mainly because I can get everything else I need for groceries. I have managed to cut my Wal Mart grocery bill from 60, sometimes 70 dollars to 30 sometimes 40 dollars. That is a savings of 20 dollars!! I won't list everything that I got at Wal-Mart, but I will list the things that I got really good deals on!
--Breyers 'Sweet & Dreamy" Icecream: was 2.25 & I had a coupon for .75 off. Therefore I only paid 1.50 for a carton of Breyers Ice Cream!!
- -Wheat Thin Crackers: was 2.00 and I had a coupon for a dollar off, therefore only paying 1.00.
- -Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese: was on sale for 2.38, and I had a coupon for a dollar off, therefore only paying 1.38 which was cheaper than any Wal-Mart brand of cheese I could have gotten.
- -Scott Toilet Paper: was 2.68 & I had a coupon for a dollar off, therefore getting 4 rolls of toilet paper for 1.68!!
- -Kashi Waffles: was 2.44 and I had a coupon for 1.50 off, therefore paying .94 on a box of waffles!!

Tonight I am going to Ingles & to print off a few more coupons. I'll let you know the outcome of those savings.

Total Savings: 16.89