Friday, May 08, 2009

Everybody's Working for the Weekend...

It's Friday. Finally. My day didn't start out too well. Evidently a bill collector wants me to payl 1,050 dollars on a hospital trip that I took directly after a wreck that I had that was completely not my fault. I was 7 months pregnant with Bree, and wanted to make sure everything with her was okay. The unfortunate thing was that the guy who hit me had the same car insurance as I had. Allstate didn't want to pay out, and instead kept trying to get me to pay the bills for the ambulance ride, and hospital visit. I had to take the case to an attorney, and we just settled the case in February. I hadn't heard from the bill collector in over a year, and then suddenly they started contacting me again after we had settled the case. Evidently they think that settlement check I got from my attorney was supposed to go toward that hospital bill. Um, no? I don't understand why we have had nothing but trouble from this car accident. It was clearly the other guy's fault, but for some reason...the insurance company would like to blame me. It's just frustrating. I'm not rich. Go bug the hell out of some rich family who spends 1,050 dollars on a pair of jeans every week.

Anyway...on a completely different note, Sunday is Mother's Day (oh crap, you forgot didn't you?). I hope that every Mother reading this has a very Happy Mother's Day! Sit back and take a load off! Enjoy your day. This is my second Mother's Day, and I plan on enjoying it =)


Mother Mayhem said...

Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day! :o)

Sara said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! that really is exactly what I need to hear - that stuff DOES happen that I can't control, but that it usually always ends with a happy little baby like your Bree... my mom says the same thing about the pain - that it's WRETCHED, but that it's pain with a purpose, so it's easier to handle.

Thanks again... I adore your blog :)