Monday, May 11, 2009

I Broke My Camera

Mother's Day did not begin well at all. I was in a bad mood, but I can blame it on Paul. I decided that I wanted to wear my denim jacket over my dress instead of a cream colored cardigan that I have. To Paul, this meant that he didn't have to dress up (or look descent), because my ensemble included "blue jeans" (even if it was in a jacket). So, he pulls on a pair of blue jeans and yellow (it was faded) polo, and says that he's ready for church. I asked him why he wouldn't dress up, and he said that he didn't want to look stupid all dressed up and me not dressed up at all. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got pissed at Paul because he wouldn't even try to put on his khaki slacks and a button up shirt. He didn't even have to wear a tie, but I wanted him to look at least half way descent.

After lunch, we wanted to take family pictures. I went ahead and walked outside with Bree and waited for everyone else to come out. As I waited, I got the bright idea to put my camera on the back of my Dad's car & try to take a picture of myself on my car's hood. I set the self timer or 10 seconds, put the camera down, and took my pose. Suddenly, a gust of wind broke through, and pushed my camera off of the back of the car and crashed down onto the cement drive way. I uttered several cuss words as I picked it up to make sure it was okay. It wasn't okay. It was screwed. I tried my best to hold myself together. I fought back tears. I fought back screams. I fought back kicking, and destroying everything in my path. I went calmly to Paul. I told him that I broke my camera, and that it was not fixable. I told him that we need to go to Target, and I am going to buy another camera. A disposable one? No. Not a disposable one. A digital camera. We got in the car, drove 10 minutes down the road to Target and marched into the store like we were on a mission to destroy Earth. The man working in the electronics had a hearing problem, and kept leaning into me and saying, "I'm sorry, I have a hearing problem..." Why would you put someone with a hearing problem in the electronics department, where they are going to be asked questions? Anyway, I walked out of Target with a Fujifilm 10.0 mega pixel camera. I was happy again.

Here are a few samples of the beautiful pictures it took of my beautiful family:

Today was grocery day. I was really frustrated with my coupons, because I felt like I didn't have many and that there weren't any really great sales going on. I thought for sure I'd spend a lot of money on a whole lot of nothing. Boy was I wrong. When I got to Wal Mart, I bought 50 dollars worth of groceries for 30! Check out my really good deals:
- -Bagelfuls: They were on sale for 1.88, I had a coupon for a dollar off...therefore, I paid 88 cents for them.
- -Kraft Salad Dressing: They were on sale for 1.58. I had 2 coupons, one for a dollar off & one for 1.50 off. I bought two bottles and paid 8 cents for one, and 58 cents for the other.
- -Kashi Blueberry Waffles: They were on sale for 2.44. I had a coupon for 1.50 off. I paid .94 cents for a box of Kashi Waffles.
- -Velveeta Shells & Cheese: They were on sale for 1.50. I had a coupon for 1.00 off. I paid .50 cents for a box of Velveet Shells & Cheese

Those are just a few examples of the EXCELLENT deals I got today. I officially cut my grocery bill in half, and got more groceries than I would have had I paid 60 bucks.

I hope everyone's Mother Day was great, and if you have any questions about the coupon shopping, don't hesitate to ask!


Mother Mayhem said...

This post has it all...

Husband silliness - :o|

Broken camera - :o(

New camera - :o)

Great pictures!

Coupon savings - SCORE!

Samantha said..., I was pretty excited about those coupon savings. My Mom is pretty good at the coupon thing too. She gets stuff for free! That's crazy! =)