Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just My Luck...

So, you remember back on Mother's Day when I had to go buy a camera because my other camera broke? Yeah, well, now that camera is broken. I'm not sure what is wrong with it, but I have a pretty good idea what happened. When we went to the beach last week, I carried my own little beach bag down to the beach. Everyone else must have "forgotten" their beach bag, so they decided to cram all of their crap into my bag. What this means is that everyone was in and out of my bag, transferring loads of sand into the bag as they went. I had my camera in it's own little protective pouch, and had I been the only one in and out of my bag...I guarantee you that I wouldn't have a broken camera right now. This is why I am so angry.

"What about the 1 year warranty?" you ask...yeah, what about that. Evidently, you're supposed to be register your camera online within the first 10 days after your purchase. You know where I found out that little piece of 411? On a little card stuck in the Owners Manual. So, I'm probably gonna have to pay bookoos of money to get someone to fix my camera, or buy a new one. If it costs more to fix it than it would to get a new one...definitely going to buy another one.

I am not a happy person right now. I've decided that I can't have anything. It's not meant for me to be in a good mood, which is what I was in until I realized that my camera was busted. Poot on my day!