Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to Reality...

Yes, it has been over a week since I last updated. Bree and I went to the beach a week ago, and wouldn't have complained if we never had to come back. People think I am crazy, because I say that I would live at the beach for the rest of my life. They tell me that I'd get tired of it, or that it wouldn't be the same as when I go on vacation. Well, duh. It's the environment at the beach that I love. When we go, we usually stay at a place called Ocean Lakes Campground. It's not just a camp ground though. They have houses too. We always stay in a house. The fun part about Ocean Lakes is that you never have to leave. They have a camp store, restaurants, and the mode of transportation is by golf cart. That's the funny part. Sometimes you forget that there is another world out there. Ocean Lakes is it's own little world, where people drive golf carts, and ride around in their bathing suits all day long. It's the most relaxed environment you can be in.

Paul came down with us and stayed until Sunday night, in which case I cried when he left. I had never spent more than a couple of nights away from him. It turns out, being away from him was not that hard. Don't get me wrong, I missed him dearly...but I was able to have fun too. It would have been a true vacation if Paul had brought Bree back home with him. Unfortunately, there was no one home to keep her all day, but boy it would have been nice. I spent the majority of my time chasing Bree up and down the beach. Bree did get her first black eye while we were at the beach. After a week of telling her to not go down the stairs, in a moment where she wasn't being watched, she tumbled down the stairs and bruised her cheek bone/eye up. I was thankful for a black eye, because I know that the damage could have been a lot worse.

It was the first time that I had ever gone to the beach, where I was ready to come home. I think that if Paul had been with me and if we wouldn't have been sharing the house with might have been different. But it's hard to combine different lives with each other. I had fun, but I did miss my family, my bed, and my house.

The downside of the week was the fact that I was sick all week. Remember how the week before I went to the beach, I had a cold? Yeah, well, it got better before I left for the beach, but then my Mom (who came with me) was sick. She passed her sickness on to me, I had a sore throat & cough for a week, and for the past 3 days I've had Laryngitis. I think Paul is enjoying it, because I can't talk. Today, I have regained a little bit of my voice, but not much. I'm still hoarse.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the beach for you to enjoy!
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Mother Mayhem said...

Great pictures! :o)

Sorry about the sore throat.

Samantha said...

Thanks :D

& I'm just tired of being sick. I think I'm getting better though, so hopefully that's the last I'll see of any illnesses for the remainder of the Summer :D