Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lightening And Thunder and Hail...OH MY!

Here in the South, we've managed to pull ourselves out of a 20 year drought in just a couple of months. We are having really bad thunderstorms too. Not just thunderstorms, but severe thunderstorms. Thankfully, the little town we live in gets bypassed by some of the storms, but a few make their way into our little quiet town. I'm scared of these things, and always have been. I am more afraid of a tornado than I am anything else. I have family that lives in another little town about 60 miles or so from us, and storms NEVER bypass them. Two nights ago the little town got torn up pretty good with these severe thunderstorms. My cousin said that they had a tornado, but the media is calling it a microburst [microburst |ˈmīkrōˌbərst| noun; a sudden, powerful, localized air current, esp. a downdraft.] These 'microburst' can have the same effect that a tornado does. We had one last Summer that completely blew the top off of one of the buildings at the University that Paul and I used to go to. I had never heard of Microbursts until last year, and now it seems that we have more of these than we do tornados. Here are some pictures of the damage suffered in my family's little town:

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In other news, Bree and I sat down to color some masterpieces yesterday. She scribbled with purple, pink, and blue crayons while I designed a picture for her room. It was rather fun until Bree began eating, breaking, and shoving crayons into the DVD player (which ended up breaking). She also thought it would be fun to color on the coffee table. Thank God our coffee table is a dark color, and didn't really show up. Nevertheless, I had to continue to tell her that the crayon stays on the paper.
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Tomorrow is Friday :D I don't know why it makes any difference to me. We have no money for the next 2 weeks, because Paul just switched jobs & that's how it goes. Oh well. If we can make it through these next 2 weeks, we'll be okay :D