Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moving, Graduation, Conan O'Brien

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI've never been a fan of change. I think I'd be pretty content with keeping things the way they are now, forever. But life doesn't happen that way. It is always changing. Last week, Paul and I made the decision to move from our current location to a town about 30 or 45 minutes away. Paul got a job as a Maintenance Tech at an Apartment Complex, and the job would be easier if we lived there. I was reluctant at making this decision, because the current town that we live in...I have lived in for 10 years. Everything I know, and do is here. My Parent's only live a short distance away (7 miles), and everything I need is less than 5 miles from our place. I told Paul that we could move, but I wouldn't be happy about it...and I'm still not happy about it.

My little brother is graduation high school tomorrow. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday we were little kids, fighting in the backseat of Mom's mini-van, and now...he's a high school graduate and going into the Marines in October. Where did time go? What happened? I wish I could take us back to those times as children. When we used to play GI Joe & Barbie, or make up things to do outside. I'd even go back to the time where we were rolling around in the floor, beating each other up. I was hitting him with a shoe, and I'm not sure what he was hitting me with. We all hafta grow up for a reason though. I love my little brother, and I wish him the best.

On another note, who saw Conan O'Brien's debut on The Tonight Show? He has pretty big shoes to fill, coming in after a legend like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. I was surprised when I heard that Conan O'Brien was taking over the Tonight Show, because I know that alot of people just don't think he is funny. I think he's funny, but Paul on the other hand does not. I thought the show was pretty good last night, but I do wish he would keep the "headlines" segment that Jay always did on Monday nights. Those were always hilarious. What did you think of the show?
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Erin Jump said...

I loved it... But then again I LOVE Conan!

How could anyone not enjoy that opening! While the headlines are one of the few things I liked about Jay's show, I can understand not wanting to do any of the old spots, as you are just starting out trying to find your own feet.

He should do fine once he's had some time to adjust. The only trouble is, now I don't know who to watch. Conan or Dave! I love them both!

Samantha said...

I've never really liked Dave Letterman, but I do like Conan. I don't blame him for not wanting to use any of the same stuff, but I did love the headlines :D He should do great.

Mother Mayhem said...

I didn't watch it. I fall asleep to early! LOL