Thursday, June 04, 2009

So, My Little Brother Graduated...

Yesterday, my little brother graduated from high school. I never expected to get as emotional as I did, but once those childhood memories start rushing through my head...there's nothing else to do but cry. It's still hard for me to think of him as a high school graduate. I still want to picture him as my little brother who broke all of my crayons, or my little brother who always fell out of his chair at the kitchen table no matter what position he was sitting in. I'd like to remember him as the little brother who I spent countless hours playing Super Mario on the Nintendo with, or the little brother who I used to give "airplane rides" or "horse back rides". What happened to our childhood? It seems it disappeared too quickly, and had I known that I was supposed to savor those moments then...I would have. What I wouldn't give to just go back to being a brother and a sister, using our imaginations, and playing along side each other. Now we are brother and sister, one going off to join the Marines in the fall...and the other raising a 2 year old little girl.

I know that we must all grow up at sometime, but I do wish that we didn't have to grow up so fast. I mean, my little brother just graduated from high school. He's turning 18 in August, and in October leaving for boot camp. Wasn't he just six years old? I am happy for him though, and very proud of him. He's grown into a handsome young man with dreams and aspirations. There was a time when we thought that maybe he wouldn't graduate high school, but at the last minute (as most do) he kicked it into high gear, and yesterday he received his diploma. That's more than most people can say for themselves.

Congratulations to the Class of 2009, and especially to my little brother. I know that we've said and done alot of things to hurt each other, but in the's just sibling rivalry and no one could ever break a bond between a brother and a sister. We have each other's back through hard times, and always come out on top.

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