Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wouldn't That Be Nice?

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You'll see me write about celebrities here and there, because I do keep up with a lot of the celebrity gossip. I'm not hardcore or anything though. I don't have a stack of tabloids and People magazine on my coffee table, but I do read online alot. I was reading about recent "t.v gossip" when I came across an article about Tori Spelling, her husband and their 2 kids.

Evidently they brought three nannies with them to tend to their two kids during their Hawaiian vacation! Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe I should hire a nanny to come with us to the beach. Although, when it comes to Bree, we'll probably need to hire 5 nannies to watch her. Nevertheless, the saddest part of this story is that the nannies were holding the two children while Tori and the hubby got to walk around as if they had no children or responsibility. I have to admit, it is fun to be with the hubby and no Bree sometimes, but when you are doing something like a vacation...those are the times you are to be making memories.

I won't dispute the fact that every mother needs a break, but when you bring three nannies on vacation with you to tend to your two children, that's just pure and utter laziness.