Thursday, July 02, 2009

Random Blabbing Thursday

I don't really have anything specific to write about today, so I decided to deem Thursdays, "Random Blabbing Thursday". Most Thursday's I don't have much to talk about anyway. So, enjoy my randomness, also known as my mind...

Last night I dreamed about Governor Sanford. Let's just say I was Argentinian, and the only one not angry with him.

Bree climbed up on the potty with an issue of US Weekly. Kate Gosselin was on the front. Even my 2 year old is concernced about Jon & Kate + 8 and their fate...

I get all excited when I see I have more "followers" on Twitter. Then, when I click to see who it's some chick wanting me to click on her link to see "hot, sexy pictures of her". When will Ryan Seacrest decide to follow me? Pete Wentz? Anderson Cooper??

What's the point in pulling your clothes off of the hanger without removing the hanger first. Paul just pulls a shirt off of the hanger which in return causes the hanger to get stuck and makes it that much more difficult to remove it from the rod and put another shirt on it.

Do people use turn signals anymore?

Paul won't watch Judge Judy or Wife Swap with me, because the "drama" drives him crazy. Yet, he can watch movies where gang members blow each other up. Weird.

Bree finished her breakfast yesterday morning, and put her bowl in the dishwasher without me having to ask. Such a sweet, little big girl!

I have fruit flies in my kitchen. I can't decide if I want to live with them for 3 weeks and make the mean Maintenance Guy deal with it, or just go ahead and get rid of them myself.

I've concluded that I just don't like anyone. I can't help it.

And that concludes "Random Blabbing Thursday". Now leave your Random comments =)