Friday, September 18, 2009

Completely Random Friday

Seems that all I have written about lately is weather, but it is seriously beginning to take an effect on me. Yesterday, it was overcast all day long with a 70 percent chance of rain. It never rained a bit, and today it's pouring. I think days like this should be pajama days. In fact, I intend on remaining in my p.j's all day long. I have nowhere to be, and no money to spend. Mid as well just hang out in my pajamas.

Seems the rest of the weekend is going to be like this also, so I think we should save some money and just have a movie filled weekend. It's not much fun going out in the rain anyhow.

Bree isn't doing much these days. Just being sweet, mean and sweet again. She does have quiet the imagination these days, but she hasn't yet graduated to playing in her room by herself yet. Wonder when those days will come? Instead, she enjoys bringing all of her toys to the living room. At the moment there is an entire tea party set spread across the coffee table, a play microphone, a book, some random pieces to Mr. Potato Head, and of course...a cup of milk. The light bulb beside me is burnt out, so thats rather bothersome since it looks like it should be about midnight outside. No, I don't have any light bulbs. If I did, I would have replaced the bulb yesterday morning when it burnt out.

Does anyone let their kids watch "Max & Ruby" on Nick Jr.? If so, where is Max & Ruby's mother? This show really bothers me. There is no sign of adult life anywhere except for their Grandmother. That's it. No more adults. Did they kill the other adults? What happened to them?

I had this crazy dream last night. I dreamed that all of the Disney characters were frozen, and I couldn't figure out why but it was a guinea pigs fault. So I was like beating up on the Guinea Pig who had like this cozy, warm den. Finally, the characters began thawing out and coming back to life, and I was just super excited! Where does that dream even come from?

I think I need another vacation.


The Bermudez Clan said...

My husband laughs at me all of the time when our son watches Max & Ruby. I always wonder the same thing... Where are their parents? Who would leave them alone so much? Where is CPS?

Samantha said...

The thing that gets me is that they don't ever mention anything about parents, just the Grandmother. I think the show is based on some books, so I'll have to go get those books and found out exactly what happened. If not, I intend on contacting the author.

MrsM said...

I've wondered that too. However, I have noticed that if you look at the background they have pictures up of Max and Ruby and two adult bunnies one could only assume are their parents. Maybe Max and Ruby are latch key kids?

Samantha said...

lol, maybe they are...very strange situation. You think they would at least mention them. Even if they did in a car crash or something, at least say something.