Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've Had a Case of the Crazies...

I was working on changing my blog template for Fall colors, when out of the blew some "business" issues came up. Evidently she wasn't happy with her wedding pictures, although she had seen them on the computer and loved them. She was particulary nice about anything, and I pretty much was verbally abused for a part of Sunday night and on in to Monday morning. Twas not a fun, end of the weekend/beginning of the week. Not of the issue was my fault, so, I'm glad about that. Anyway, I don't have the problem resolved yet, but I'm working on something just to shut her up.

On another note, I can now successfully wear a size 4 in jeans. That means, that over the last 2 years, I have dropped 10 pants sizes. That doesn't really sound like alot to me when looking at it over a course of two years, but when you break it down to 5 pants sizes a year...that kind of sounds like alot. Nevertheless, I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So, to all of those people who said I couldn't do and I would never be that thin again...here's to you! Honestly though, I had never been more afraid to try on a pair of jeans than I was yesterday. Why? Because I knew that if I put them on and I couldn't wear them, I would feel fat again and I just HATE feeling fat. Sometimes "fat days" are an every day thing for me, so I'd like to try and avoid those if I can. I put on leg in, the other leg in, and then pulled them up. Buttoned them with no issues whatsoever. I breathed. Nothing was too tight. No muffin top. How could this be? This time last year I could barely wear a 6, and I had a muffin top. Wow. I could wear a 4. Now, I know that a size 4 is considered plus size in the modeling world. But I'm not a model, and never plan to be.

I do wish this week would go by a little quicker. I enjoy the weekends. They make me smile.

How is everyone's week?

I normally don't talk about celebrities, but did anyone see what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift on the VMAs? Well, I did, and I'm sure if you didn't, you saw it on some other television show or heard it on the radio. I watched Jay Leno's premiere last night, and he had Kanye on there. He asked him if his mother would be disappointed in him. I have always felt sorry for Kanye West. He looks so unhappy. He is one of those people who if I heard on television that he had been found dead from an apparent suicide, it wouldn't surprise me. It makes me so sad to see people like that. I don't get joy out of other people's reveries. I get sad. I hope he can fix himself. I'd like to see him happy. Just once.

& RIP Patrick Swayze. Sad to see another great one go, but I was glad to hear that he went peacefully. I'm sure everyone across the States will be watching Dirty Dancing this weekend. I think I might!

And last but not least, I'm not yet finished with the blog template. I'm going to make a better header. Just let me add a couple of hours to 24 hour clock, and I'll get it done :)

P.S: I lost a follower, and I'm not sure why? I know who it is, and I just want to make sure I didn't offend or upset anyone?


MrsM said...

You can lose followers if they join too many sites it starts kicking off people they followed in the beginning =( I doubt anything you said was offensive!

Your blog template looks good! I love the pattern in the background. I was hesitant to go patterned, but now I think I've changed my mind. LoL. I am forever changing my mind (and layout!)

Anyone who says that size 4 is plus sized under any circumstances is a nut job. Congrats on losing your baby weight!

Just out of curiosity, how tall are you? Because I'm 5'6 and my doc said I'm only 8lbs from a good weight, but I wear a size 10/12 (and my pre-three-children size was an 8). I'm just curious if that's like shape or height or what?

Samantha said...

Okay, I was hoping that I didn't make anyone angry. I don't comment on other blogs as much as I should, but I'm chasing a two year old around the house all day :)

I love the background, but I'm going to change the header. I just don't like it much :) Thank you for giving me that website addy :) I can't ever make up my mind on a layout until I find the perfect one...lol, but I love your page. It's super cute!

I was watching one of those model shows on t.v one day, and they said that a size 4, in some cases, is considered a plus size. I'm like, holy crap. That's so stupid.

& I am right under 5'1. I'm pretty short. If I were a bit taller, I'd look thin as a rail, but I'm so stinkin' short! A healthy weight range for me is between 115 and 135. At least that's what the internet said :D I weigh 125 now.

MrsM said...

Oooh, it would make sense that you are 5 inches shorter than I am!

I'm glad that you like my page. I think I'm going to make a few tweeks but overall I like it a lot. For now. LOL. If you ever need any help with your page, just let me know =)

Samantha said...

Yes, 5 inches makes a big difference. I pray every night before I go to bed that I could grow a few more inches. I wake up, and I'm still short. Oh well. In Kindergarten I was the tallest in my class. I guess I can pride myself in that.

& thank you for your help thus far & will definitely let you know if I need more :) When I was in middle school, I had a website and learned all the HTML stuff. Then I didn't do it for a while, and I've just forgotten. But I'm catching on a gain :)