Tuesday, September 08, 2009

& Then It Was Over...

Remember when you were a child, and you would get so excited about Christmas. You couldn't wait for Santa to come, so that you could get up and see all of the things he brought you. When Christmas morning finally rolled around, you hopped out bed eager to see what was waiting for you in the next room. You're ecstatic as you see all of your new gifts. You're playing with them, and looking at them. You're excited! And then. All of the sudden. It hits you. It hits you like a ton of rocks. Christmas is over. You get that feeling in your chest, like your heart just fell into your stomach. And then, sadness and disappointment takes over.

This is how I felt after Bree's birthday party. Yes, how I felt. I had spent so much of my time and energy working to make her birthday party the greatest 2nd birthday party ever! I had spent so much time trying to decide what to get Bree for her birthday, and I had spent even more time wondering what others were going to get her. I had built this whole party up in my head, and I was so excited! Well, the party was awesome and her gifts were even greater! I had never had this much fun at a party in my life. Watching Bree open each gift, then hop up and down cheering "Yay!", even when it was clothes...those were priceless moments! But as soon as we got into the car to leave that night, it hit me. Bree's party was over, and I felt like that little kid at Christmas time again. Perhaps I am a child at heart. I love parties, and Christmas just as much as a five year old. I think that there are just some things you just don't grow out of, and me, I love the excitement of parties!
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Bree got alot of Dora the Explorer dolls, including one from us. I also got her this little purse set that came with a cell phone, 2 tubes of lip stick, eye shadow, keys and a 2 credit cards. She slept with this thing. She has not put it down. She got alot of clothes, which was great. I won't have to do much Fall/Winter shopping. She got two pairs of tennis shoes, New Balance & pink Nikes that I was dying for her to have! With a gift card that she got, we bought her a new bedding set that she needed desperately! I can't wait to get her room decorated now. My brother's girlfriend did a Build-A-Bear for Bree, and made it a Marine bear to honor my brother. She even named it Uncle Errett. I nearly cried when I opened this. Bree doesn't understand the significance now, but she will one day.

When came time for the cake, Bree had her own little cake. After we sang happy birthday, and she blew out the candle, she would not touch the cake until I gave her a fork. She refused to get messy, so everyone else took it upon themselves to wipe icing all over her face. She kept going, "Eww! Ewww! Ewwwwww!". She destoryed most of the cake with the fork, and I'm not exactly sure how much actually got into her mouth. Truth be told, I've never seen Bree have this much fun (besides at the beach), and it made me so happy. My purpose for the party was fulfilled.


MrsM said...

I know the let down after everything's over can really suck, but it sounds like you all had a great party!

Samantha said...

We did have a great party & I'm going to do it again next year! :D