Monday, October 12, 2009

Coupon Savings Monday

I apologize for posting this so late on Monday night (at least it's not Tuesday). I haven't been feeling too well today and it was raining so hard earlier today that going grocery shopping by myself with Bree was not an option. So, we went tonight. Now, we went the intentions of stocking up and buying a butt load of stuff, and we did. We spent about 40 more dollars than we usually do, but we got so much!!

-Butterball Turkey Deli Meat: On sale 2/5$ + .45 off coupon x 3 = 1.15 for one
-Hillshire Farm Deli Meat: On sale 2/5$ + .55 off coupon x 3 = .85 for one
-Smuckers Uncrustables: On sale 2/5$ + .75 off coupon x 3 = .25 for one, .50 for two
-Bloom Texas Toast: On sale 2/3$ = 1.50 for one
-Yo Crunch Yogurt: 2.79 + .75 off coupon x 3 = .54 for one
-Chex Mix Bar: 3.19 + .50 off coupon x 3 = 1.69 for one, 3.38 for two
-Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough: 2.99 + .50 off coupon x 3 = 1.49 for one
-Jif Omega 3 Peanut Butter: 3.09 + .50 off coupon x 3 = 1.59 for one
-Barilla Pasta: On sale 5/5$ = 5$ for 5
-Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup: On sale for .59 + .40 off of 4 coupon x 3 = 1.16 for 4 cans of soup
Total: 18.02
Total Savings: 28.95

-Stayfree Maxi: On sale for 2.49 = 2.49
-Fiber One Cereal: On sale for B1G1 + 1.00 off of 3 coupon = 3.29 for 3 (I got 6 boxes for 6.58)
-Nabisco Graham Crackers: On sale for B1G1 = 2.00 for one
-Ronzoni Spaghetti: On sale for B1G1 = .70 for one
-Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: On sale for 3/5$ + .50 off coupon x 2 = 2.32 for 2
-Chow Mein Noodles: On sale B1G1 = .45 for one
-Red Barron Pizza: On sale B1G1 = 2.90 for one (got 2, and saved 5.00)
-Publix Chicken Broth: .75
-Classico Pasta Sauce: On sale B1G1 = 1.25 for one
-Publix Pancake Syrup: 2.39
-Townhouse Crackers: On sale B1G1 = 1.99 for one
Total Savings:31.57

-Betty Crocker Warm Delights: On sale for 3/5$ + 3 coupons for .50 x 2 = 2.00 for three
-Nature Valley: On sale for 2/5$ + two .40 off coupons x 4 = 3.40 for 2
-Nabisco Nilla Waffers: On sale for B1G1 = 2.00 for one
-Natures Own Bread: On sale for 2/4$ = 2.00 for one
-Southern Home Creamers: On sale for 2/4$ = 2.00 for one
-Pampers Baby Wipes: On sale for B1G1 + .50 off coupon x 2 = .89 for one
-2000 Flushes: On sale for B1G1 + .50 off coupon x 2 = .89 for one
-All Laundry Detergent: On sale for B1G1 = 2.87 for one
-Surf Laundry Detergent: On sale for B1G1 + .75 off coupon = 2.36 for one
-Sunlight Dish Detergent: On sale for B1G1 = .68 for one
-Colgate Advanced Total: On sale for 2/5$ + two 1.00 off coupons = 3.00 for two
-Shedd's Country Crock Butter: On sale for 2/4$ + two .30 off coupons x 4 = 2.80 for two
-Activia Fiber: On sale for 2/4$ + 1.00 off coupon = 1.00 for a 4pk
-Sargento Shredded Cheese: On sale for B1G1 = 2.88 for two
-Sargento Sliced Cheese: On sale 2/5$ - 2.50 for one
-Breyers Low Fat Yogurt: On sale for 2/5$ + four .50 off coupons x 4 = 6.00 for 4
-Eggs: 1.29
-Uno Pizza: On sale for B1G1 = 6.48 for 2
-Cubed Steak: 2.40
-10 lb bag of Russet Potatoes: On sale for B1G1 = 3.49 for one
-Fresh Express Salad: On sale for B1G1 = 1.39 for one
-Bananas: 2.24
Total Before Savings:115.70
Total After Savings: 58.41
Total Savings: 58.22

Grand Total: 110.68
Grand Total Savings: 118.74

Wow! That's more food than the three of us could eat in a month, but we're stocked up and our grocery trips for the next month shouldn't cost us near as much! I can't believe that I got some of that stuff for just a few cents, and some stuff for free! It took me two hours today, to plan out my grocery list, but it was well worth it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday. I apologize for getting this to you nearly two hours shy of midnight, but this was a pretty exciting grocery trip for me! Go me!

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Rayli said...

the stores let you use 3 of the same coupons on one item? i thought they only allow one.

Chell said...

I so wish our stores in the area had double or triple coupons... the one that does is so high anyhow, it doesn't save you anything.

Samantha said...

Rayli, Bloom triples coupons up to .99, so it's like using 3 on one item. BILO also doubles up to .50 cent. And then some of the things were buy one get one free and you can use 2 coupons on B1G1 free items, since in're not really getting one free. They just cut the price in half on both items...which is why sometimes I only get one item if it's B1G1 because I get it half off.

Chell, at Bloom, I just use my coupons on sale items. There were only a couple of things that I used coupons on that weren't for sale, but it was a good deal anyway. I don't know what I'll do when Bloom stops doing triple coupons!

mom2anutball said...

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