Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Coupon Savings Monday...Except it's Tuesday

I am supposed to post my Coupon Savings on Mondays, BUT I was lazy distratcted and didn't make it to the grocery store until today. I did really well on groceries today, and I didn't have alot of coupons. So, I thought this would be a good demonstration on how you will do if just shop the sales, which is what I did today! Of course, you don't do as well if you don't have coupons to go along with the sales, but you still do pretty good. So, here it goes:

-Texas Toast: On sale for 2/$4; Got one = 2.00
-Hillshire Farm Deli Meat: 4.99 + .55 coupon x 3= 2.34
-Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta: On sale for 5/$5; Got two = 2.00
Savings: 4.02

-Campbells Soup: On sale for 10/$10; Got two = 2.00
-New England Coffee: On sale for B1G1; Got one = 2.90
-Cheeze-Its: On sale for B1G1; Got one = 2.00
-Shallots: 1.49
Total: 8.39
Savings: 5.71

This receipt accidentally got thrown away, but I'm going to try and remember the key items that I got
- General Mills Cereal: On sale B1G1 + 1.00 off of 2 = 2.00 for 2 boxes of cereal
- Birds Eye Vegetables: On sale B1G1 + .50 off coupon x 2 = FREE
- Magic Eraser: On sale 2/$5 + B1G1 coupon = 2.00 for 2
- Pillsbury Flour: On sale 2/$3; got one = 1.50
- Clearvalue Sugar: 1.88
- Bananas: 1.68
- Southern Living Magazine: 3.99 + 1.00 off coupon = 2.99
- Orbit Gum: On sale for 10/$10; Got one = 1.00
- Kraft Shredded Cheese: On sale for 2/$4; Got two = 4.00
I spent 19.00
and I'm not sure of the savings...but I know that original total was around 30.00.

So, I shopped the sales pretty good this week, and I think I did pretty well considering I didn't have very money coupons, and I really got alot of stuff! I hate that my BI-LO receipt got thrown away, because it was awesome!

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