Monday, November 02, 2009

Snicker Bars, Reese Cups, M&Ms, OH MY!

Well, Halloween has come and gone, but the candy is still around to show it's existence. Bree did better on candy amounts than I ever did when I was kid. Of course, we only went to our relatives house, and she was loaded down with lots, and lots, and lots of GOOD candy. The advantage of only visiting relatives on Halloween, is that you know you're not going to get that cheap, nasty candy that was only sale for 50 cent a piece. The disadvantage is knowing that Bree has all sorts of awesome candy, including my favorite, Reese Cups...and I am terribly tempted. I can hear the little pumpkin bucket calling me name, and the Snicker Bars, Reese Cups & M&Ms are all saying "Eat Me" in unison. I put the bucket on top of the refrigerator. "Out of sight out of mind" as the old saying goes, and I'm short, so this works pretty well.

We had fun "Trick or Treating" though. The Hubs and I decided it was like Christmas to Bree. She was happy sitting in her car seat, with her bucket full of candy, eating all the sugar she could & she was completely happy. It wasn't until Sunday morning when we realized how much she really had eaten. When we got in the car to go to church, the entire back seat was full of empty candy wrappers. Which would explain the horrible poop she had later on Sunday afternoon.

Below are some pictures from Halloween:
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Yesterday afternoon I was scheduled to do a "One Year Anniversary" couples photo shoot for an old friend of mine. I was pretty excited, because let's face it, I absolutely LOVE taking pictures. She wanted them done at her house which is on a beautiful set of land. The leaves were absolutely beautiful, and I think the pictures turned out GREAT! Have a look:
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It was a pretty good weekend, and I am glad I was also able to keep the house clean over the course of the weekend. There's not much house work that has to be done, except for the usual grocery shopping. How did everyone else's Halloween go?

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...stay at home wifey said...

I love the pictures!! Thank you so much!!

Brandy said...

I wish i could see the pics. dumb blocked sites at work.

the little cheerleader is cute though.

MrsM said...

What cute pics! Mine are not nearly so high quality-though the kidlets are cute. We had a blast on Halloween (I'm posting about it tomorrow) I'm glad you did too!

Chell said...

Great job on the pictures. Looks like Bree had a blast on Halloween.

Samantha said...

Thanks Chell! Bree did have fun :)