Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping? DONE!

So, it's the week of Christmas.

...I'm still wondering where the weekend went.

If I didn't have Christmas shopping finished, and the gifts to prove it...I would have thought the weekend had never existed.

...Yes, I said it. Christmas shopping is done! We spent all of the Christmas money, but it's done!

As I mentioned in Friday's post, the Hubs & I were able to go out on a "date" night, Saturday. We dropped Bree off at a friend's house around 6:30, and off we went! One hundred & eighty dollars later...we had completed the remainder of our Christmas shopping! Talk about relief. However, the after shock of having spent all of the Christmas money hit me yesterday morning when I finally began to realize that it was all gone! Nevertheless, I had to focus on the fact that we never once had to take any money out of the savings account or checking account. Everyone's Christmas was bought on Bonus money. When Christmas was said and done with last year, we literally stayed broke until our Tax Refund came in February/March. I WAS NOT going to let that happen this year!

I am pretty satisfied with the amount of things that Bree is getting this year. She is getting the "Smart Baby" set complete with play pin, stroller, and changing table. The Hubs made her a rocking horse, and we got her a Baby Monkey Fur Real Pet. She's got a pink football, a HUGE Kai Lan coloring book, a Raggedy Anne Doll, a few books, a Kai Lan shirt, and some super cute stocking stuffers. Not to mention everything she will get from the rest of all of her family members that love her. I think that's enough for a two year old. She is so spoiled.

We have two Christmas family dinners done, and two more to go. What did you all do this weekend? Is your Christmas shopping finally done?

Holy Crap only 4 more sleeps until Christmas Day!!


Beth P. said...

Hooray for finishing! Bree sounds like she is a lucky little girl with all of that stuff, obviously very loved :-)

I hope you have a great 4 sleeps! We went to this place called "Santa's Village" this weekend then relaxed most of yesterday. This week is pretty exciting, a dinner on Christmas Eve after church, then two dinners on Christmas day.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Good for your to be finished that shopping! Bree is getting lovely gifts and I expect the relatives will be giving to her as well.

That is so great that you stayed within your budget and out of your bank accounts. Well done and what a great example!

Shandal said...

Yay! I'm all done too! I actually did kind of the same thing. I set aside some money from almost all of my Hubs paychecks this year, so we wouldn't have withdraw any out of our accounts. It was a good thing I did too b/c we don't have any money to spare right now. The present I'm most excited about is I ordered a new Cabbage Patch doll online. I was able to pick the babies name and birth date. My daughter is only 9 months old, so she won't even know what she got, but Momma is excited about it anyway! Haha!

Working Mommy said...

YAY for having all of your shopping is a relief, isn't it?!