Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa at the Mall - No Thank you.

Last year we took Bree to see Santa at the Mall. I had felt pretty guilty because we didn't take Bree to see Santa at the Mall for her first Christmas. So, one December night we stood in line behind 50 other people awaiting Bree's turn to sit in Santa's lap. We didn't know how much it was going to cost, because we had never been before, which is why we were nearly floored when we saw the prices. I don't remember all of the prices for the raping packages, but I do remember 25.00 for a c.d with ONE picture of my choice on it. Now, I am a cheap person bargain hunter and I know that the Santa at the Mall people didn't purchase that c.d for 25.00, and I know that the ONE picture they were going to put on the c.d wasn't worth 25.00 either. These Santa at the Mall people were raping all of these poor families, and what's worse...the families would continue to come back because they didn't know any better!

Now, let me make this clear, I am cheap...but...I have good stuff. I am a bargain hunter. I never pay full price for anything. I bought my Dad a fleece pull over that was originally 40.00 and I only paid 2.00 for it. Yeah...that's what kind of a bargain hunter I am. Anyway...I am not going to let these Santa at the Mall people rape me every single year like they do so many other people. 25.00 is a tank of gas for me. 25.00 is a new sweater, or 2 packs of Pull Ups! 25.00 is about how much we spend on groceries each week with coupons. I can make a whole list of things that 25.00 can buy us, and ONE C.D with ONE picture on it, is not practical.


This year we are taking Bree to see Santa at Chick-Fil-A. Why? Because it's absolutely FREE, and we get a picture for absolutely FREE, and I can take as many pictures myself as I want...for FREE.

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How do you feel about Santa at the Mall? Do you think it's worth it?


Working Mommy said...

The chick-fil-a around here had a santa cow...it was kinda cool. I agree with you, though, that those mall santas totally rape people for their hard-earned dollars...but they'll keep doing it because people keep coming. It is a vicious cycle!